You Really Know How to Dance
My Uniform


After finishing my Colorwash Scarf, I've got nothin' on the needles!  (Yet.)

But I am finishing up my Alabama Chanin Factory Dress.  (Which I hope to wear to our Solstice Party on Friday night; it fits like a dream -- and I'm already plotting to make another!)


I'm reading Storm in a Teacup: The Physics of Everyday Life by Helen Czerski.  (Yeah.  I have that "Non-fiction about science" square in Summer Book Bingo.)  It's interesting, but I'm going to have to pick up the pace -- because it's due back at the library next Tuesday.

How about you?  What are you stitching and reading?


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AsKatKnits! I love that dress! Beautiful, Kym!!


I can't wait to see modeled photos of your dress; it looks good even folded up! I've finished the book I chose for my "non-fiction about science" square but Storm in a Teacup looks interesting so maybe I'll save it for my free square (or make it fit into another one ...)!


Can't wait to see the finished dress! As Bonny says - it looks great even folded up! Storm in a Teacup does sound interesting, but I think I'm glad not to have the science square on my bingo card - lol.


The dress looks extremely promising! I hope you'll show us a modeled photo.


Intrigued with your dress - you will model for us?! No science square on my bingo...


Sounds like we have a couple of the same squares. I'm going to try Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. We'll see! It may have to be a listen. Your dress is stunning...I think we'd like a modeled shot okay? xo


Due at the library? What is this due thing of which you speak? (As a library employee due dates are meaningless, hahahahaha). Your dress will be wonderful and your party will be, too.


I just LOVE your Factory Dress. It's a great look for you and the color (with stitching detail) is perfect!


You will definitely be the belle of the ball. Love the shawl!


I can't wait to see your finished dress! I have that science square on my card and am thinking of reading I Contain Multitudes, but the book you are reading looks interesting too. Enjoy!


The physics book sounds right up my street. I love non-technical science and math books. But my to-be-read pile is way too tall to request anything else...


Ooh, that dress is looking AMAZING! I read The Gene for my non-fiction about science; hope you like yours half as much as I did mine.


Ooooh, I cannot WAIT to see your Factory Dress!!

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