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Unraveled . . . Tales of Stitching and Reading

These days, most of my "creative time" is spent out in the garden (and my fingernails really show it . . .), but I still try to find time to stitch every day.

IMG_6886 2

No unraveling this week.  (At least, not of the knitting or stitching variety.  In the garden, though?  I have a MAJOR unraveling going on, but I'll save that for another blog post.)  

The Colorwash Scarf continues to be a joy to knit, and it's growing quickly.  I'm hoping to be finished before Kirsten Kapur releases the first clue (June 15) for this year's Through the Loops Mystery Shawl -- but I'll have to knit quickly.  Because . . . 

See that sort of mustard-y green pile of fabric underneath?  Well.  That's my basic Alabama Chanin Factory Dress . . . and it's hogging most of my stitching time these days.

As for reading, in the ears I've got David Sedaris' newest book, Theft by Finding (audiobook-read-by-the-author, if you're following along with Summer Book Bingo).  In print, I'm reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (biography).  Earlier this week I finished The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane (borrowed).  

How about YOU?  What are you reading and unraveling this week?


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LOVE the fabric for your AC dress - can't wait to see!! And your colorwash is gorgeous. I need more hours in every day for all the reading/knitting/stitching I want to do. Unraveling in the garden has me curious - hope all is ok.....


I'm knitting the Islington Shawl and loving it. I haven't jumped on the mystery shawl bandwagon this year and I don't think I will. My knitting time is so limited and I've got lots of baby things that I want to make. I'm reading The Nix and listening to Burn Town and both are great.


I am slogging along on a shawl called Drachenfels. It's time to suck it up and just finish it!


I love the look of your Colorwash and sooo wish for more hours in the day. (Or less hours in the work day actually!) I really, really enjoyed the KAL last year so I'm considering...


I am struck by how beautifully your colorwash pairs with your dress! I look forward to seeing them both completed!


Your Factory Dress is going to be so fabulous! The color will be amazing on you. My TTLM yarn should be here next week. I'm stitching away on my T and knitting as fast as I can on other things. I can't wait to retire and get more of ALL of it done (including the garden!!).


Your stitching looks like FUN! I adore David Sedaris narration; hope the book is a good one. I remember laughing so hard at one of his stories that I had to pull my car over to the side of the road. I think it was the one about blind people getting hunting licenses in Michigan :-)


Your knitting and dress go well together, hoping you are not having the same issue we have with bindweed, have spent a lot of time recently unravelling it from various plants!


The colorwash scarf is going to be so nice...I love the little pops of color. I am currently reading several books on memoir writing and for Book Bingo - two fiction works...A Fatal Grace - by Louise Penny and The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colton as an audiobook.

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