Slowing Down and Catching Up
Right Now - June 2017

The Little Things

It's a beautiful day here.  Rainy earlier; sunny now.  Not too hot.  And my schedule cleared up rather unexpectedly.  Sounds like a perfect day to mess around outside, non?

I often share what's blooming in my garden.  For a change, I decided to share a few of my favorite things that never bloom in my garden!  Little things.  Things that you might miss when you're busy looking at blooms.

Things like . . . Namaste Frog.


This little guy has been sitting near the waterfall in my pond for many years.  (So many years . . . that Brian, who still lived at home then, gave him his name.)  He's a little worse for the wear now (the frog, not Brian), because one year he spent the winter at the bottom of the pond -- having fallen in during the shut-down phase and not discovered again until the following spring.  Still, he just sits . . . a bit faded but very chill . . . and a great reminder for me to live in the moment out in the garden.

This year I added a little Fishing Frog.


I especially love how there is a silhouette of a "real" fish there on the sign.  Because Fishing Frog?  He may be whimsical and totally animated, but he's going for the Real Deal.

I tuck lots of little birds here and there in my garden.


There are plenty of actual, singing birds in my garden, sure.  But I like having a little bit of bird-whimsy around, too.


I stick some things in my garden just because they make me smile.


I love picking out the "hair" for this planter every year.

And I love the stone chimney on my little house.  (I keep this one near the edge of the patio, right near the house, where it is less likely to get wet in a rainstorm.)


And then, there's always THIS "little" thing in my garden.  She never blooms -- but always makes me smile!


Enjoy your day -- and take time to find the little things that bring you joy.



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The doggy smile is the best thing ever! I love the little birdies in your garden so much! All the other tiny things are a good reminder to pay attention to detail and look for the unexpected.


oh my goodness ... delightful! those little birdies - and that adorable pup - are for sure my favorites, too! Vicarious gardening at a new level!

Julia in KW

Lovely garden...but that sweet puppy smile...reminds me of my long departed blonde lab! 😀


I love seeing all your garden treasures! I don't "special rocks" in my flower beds, but nothing that makes them look as lovely and welcoming as Namaste Frog and your birds. Thanks for sharing all your little things!


I love your garden whimsy, and especially that one that doesn't grow anything but makes you smile! She might be the best of all! (Although those little birds! I am in love!)


I love Namaste Frog! Perfect! All of your little whimsical items are so cute. and of course, the doggy smile...


What a lovely post! But I have to admit that last picture is my fave thing!


Hello JoJo! Just the face to help me get through year end today! And the garden goodness...keep the smiles coming! xoxo


What a fun trip around your garden...sure wish I lived closer to you so I could pick your brain...and enjpy your garden.



Oh, I love a little garden whimsy!

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