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Slowing Down and Catching Up

My unraveling tale this week comes not from yarn and needles . . . but from pure stupidity.

My own.

Too lazy to change my shoes (and - truth be told - not wanting to put on socks), I decided to walk the dogs yesterday in my trusty Keen sandals.  Now this style of sandal has gotten me through many a long walk (and walking vacations) in the past.  But yesterday?  Not so much.  

I could feel the blister forming on the ball of my foot just at the 1-mile turnaround-point of our walk.  By the time I got back home, it was a doozy.

Talk about unraveled!  (And I get really cranky about injuries that prevent me from moving freely.)


Well, perhaps I'll have more time to just sit for a couple of days while it heals.  Because I've just started this summer's Through the Loops Mystery Shawl, and I have some catching up to do.


There are so many ways to . . . unravel.  Y'know?


Today's post is part of Kat's Unraveled Wednesday.  Head on over to find out what else is unraveling!



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Is there such a thing as a fortuitous blister? I love the yarn you chose (and your matching ipad cover)! Here's hoping that free movement returns soon after some enjoyable slowing down and catching up.


So sorry! I know that feeling too well. But, as Bonny says your blister could be viewed as fortuitous!! Love your yarn color - beautiful! Hope your blister heals quickly.


I feel your pain. I stbbed my toe last week and for a few days, I was afraid I had a broken toe. That would really mess up out walking tour that begins next week! It seems to just be bruised and I was able to get my hiking boots on so I think I dodged that one. Hope your foot heals quickly.


I love your yarn colors! Hope your blister heals quickly!


I wear Keen's all the time for walking too...sorry about your blister. I've not had that problem occur. Fingers crossed. As Bonny sez: every cloud enjoy your respite and knit on!


Oooh, pretty yarn! I haven't started my TTL MKAL Shawl yet!

Jeannie Gray

Ouch! I hate blisters. How can something so simple hurt so much?? Your shawl will be beautiful. Love the yarn!


Boo! There is nothing more frustrating than immobility! Glad you'll be making good use of your time. Those colors are really nice!

Caffeine Girl

I got a terrible blister on the bottom of one of my feet last week when I was on vacation. It took me a couple days to realize that it healed faster when I wore socks (which I hate to do in summer).

I'm already behind on the TTL Mystery Shawl, too. It is a really pretty pattern so far!


I'm so sorry about the blister ... but delighted you're going to have time to catch up with the TTL Mystery. Your yarn choice looks amazing and I can't wait to see the two colors together. Cheers to having an upside!


Blisters! Blergh! But, yay for "enforced" knitting time! XO


It's strange that you got a blister after wearing those Keens previously without blistering. Call in the scientists (ha ha)! You alarmed me because I own three pairs of Keen sandals. Enjoy your knitting.


Hope the blister heals quickly and you're able to move as you wish soon! I am at about the same point in the shawl as you and have had no time to dedicate to knitting (or reading) this week. Enjoy your downtime to the fullest. xo


When a foot (or feet!) hurts, life becomes torture. Hope yours is healed up nicely by now!

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