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Plain Vanilla

For a couple of years now, I have wanted to make an Alabama Chanin dress.  Because what hooked me on Alabama Chanin in the first place . . . many years ago . . . was a dress.

Seriously.  That first Alabama Chanin dress was kind of life-changing for me.  I'd never seen anything like it!  It was hand-stitched and stenciled and had some beads.  Threads were knotted on the outside!  It was artsy and craftsy -- but altogether wearable.

I was smitten.

So, after tackling a couple of smaller Alabama Chanin projects (a shawl, a simple t-shirt, a more complicated wrap skirt), I decided I was ready to try a dress.

Pattern and fabric in hand, all that was left . . . was deciding what to do with it.  (Because SO MANY options with Alabama Chanin.  The sky is the limit.)

Single layer or double?

For months, I just mulled over options.  Constantly.  I would decide to do things one way . . . and the next day, decide something different.  I read.  I browsed.  I drew.  I bought a stencil.  And an assortment of beads.  I Pinterested the HECK out of it.  I made myself crazy.


In the end.

I went with Plain. Vanilla.


That's the Alabama Chanin Factory Dress in one layer.  Totally hand stitched.  No embellishment whatsoever.


I love it!  It fits well.  It's super comfortable and easy to wear.

I'm already mulling over my options for another one.


The options are head-spinning!


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I love it and it's perfect for you!


Now that is interesting! I don't think I've seen any AC that wasn't stenciled or embellished in some way. I didn't know Plain Vanilla was an AC option, but it is simply beautiful! The fit is perfect and your stitching also. I can see why you need another one, so you can be wearing a great dress that you feel great in twice as often!
P.S. It might need another name as it's pretty much the opposite of a Factory Dress!


Simply beautiful! I love the stitching around the neckline, very nice! It looks like a dress you will wear again & again.


Wonderful choice! I by you will wear it often


Love the edging around the neck and armholes. The dress is really flattering!


Oh how I love this! The style - wonderful, the edging - beautiful, the drape and fit - perfect. And, love, love, love the color. just look so darn cute in it! Well done Kym. I would definitely make another.


Fabulous!! It looks wonderful on you!! The options ARE head-spinning and, as you know, sometimes paralyzing. I took the easy way over the weekend and cut a tunic-length Factory Dress from some printed jersey. :)


Absolutely perfect! The details are so simply beautiful. You will get loads of wear out of this dress!


I am incredibly impressed! Wear it in good health!


Kym it's beautiful! So classic, so wearable, so timeless! The details are simply elegant. You will wear the HECK out of this dress!


Gorgeous! Sometimes simple is best.


It's beautiful! Congratulations.


Stunning! In my next life, perhaps. Applaud your decision to KISS! Wear in great health!


(LOVE the new watch!) and of course, the dress. Kym, it's fabulous!! beautiful fit, styling and workmanship. I look forward to seeing what you decide to do next!


Wow! That is so beautiful Kym! I love it!

gale / she shoots sheep shots

It really is so gorgeous, and it looks great on you. the stitching around the neck and armholes are Just the right amount of decoration!


It could not be more perfect!

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