More Daily Haiku

My Uniform

I have a uniform I wear pretty much every day (or . . . as often as I can get away with it).  

In the cold months, it revolves around yoga pants; in the warm months, shorts.  In other words, my uniform is all about comfort and ease.  (With some snazzy earrings thrown in for pizazz.) 

Here's my summer uniform.



1 -- Rather loose and comfy linen shorts.  Good for gardening, walking the dogs, and just sitting around.  Perfectly serviceable for a quick trip to the grocery store or meeting up with a friend.  (Best of all?  Nearly any t-shirt will match.)

2 -- Flip flops.  Because if I have to wear shoes, flip flops are my go-to.

3 -- My red peace sign earrings.  I picked these up at an art fair just days after the election last November, and I have worn them most every day since.  I like 'em -- and they just give me some . . . well . . . peace.

Simple.  Comfortable.  Easy.

(You can see that I'm also wearing a new scrape on my knee from my latest biking mishap.  Actually, I'm always wearing a scrape or scratch or bruise of some sort from something in the garden or my bike or just tripping over things in the garage.  Livin' on the edge. . . that's me!)

How about you?  What do you wear for comfort and ease?


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