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My Uniform

I have a uniform I wear pretty much every day (or . . . as often as I can get away with it).  

In the cold months, it revolves around yoga pants; in the warm months, shorts.  In other words, my uniform is all about comfort and ease.  (With some snazzy earrings thrown in for pizazz.) 

Here's my summer uniform.



1 -- Rather loose and comfy linen shorts.  Good for gardening, walking the dogs, and just sitting around.  Perfectly serviceable for a quick trip to the grocery store or meeting up with a friend.  (Best of all?  Nearly any t-shirt will match.)

2 -- Flip flops.  Because if I have to wear shoes, flip flops are my go-to.

3 -- My red peace sign earrings.  I picked these up at an art fair just days after the election last November, and I have worn them most every day since.  I like 'em -- and they just give me some . . . well . . . peace.

Simple.  Comfortable.  Easy.

(You can see that I'm also wearing a new scrape on my knee from my latest biking mishap.  Actually, I'm always wearing a scrape or scratch or bruise of some sort from something in the garden or my bike or just tripping over things in the garage.  Livin' on the edge. . . that's me!)

How about you?  What do you wear for comfort and ease?


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Wearing a "uniform" makes getting dressed so easy, and you are the epitome of comfort and ease! Your peace sign earrings are THE BEST, and I'm glad you wear them so often as we all need all the peace we can get.


We have matching injuries! But, you will ALL THE POINTS for being bold and posting photographic proof on your blog!

And, really - isn't it always about comfort?


What a great uniform and the earrings are PERFECT!


I love those peace sign earrings and the easy style of your "uniform"!


I love those earrings! And my extended Delay family has a uniform...white shirt, tan shorts! Here's to lots of comfy weather ahead!


Looks like the perfect summer uniform!


Hummm--the idea of a "uniform" is very appealing!


That's my kind of uniform! It's what I generally do on my days off, too - jeans and a comfy top or shorts and a comfy top, flip flops in the summer, boots in the winter. And I also have peace sign earrings!


Your summer uniform looks great, too! (and what's up with that edge business - I thought you were stepping AWAY from it? ;-)


Comfort is the winner all around! Your shorts are the perfect thing for summer wear. Always classy. I have REI "peddle pushers" for summer and in the winter jeans. I live in Ts!


Lovely, simple photo! The earrings give a great pop of color!

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