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More Daily Haiku

I'm still having fun with my daily haiku thing.  It's a challenge, sure . . . but it's a great way to think about the day and what's happening around me.  And I'm especially enjoying pairing my daily haiku with a daily photo.  Here are a few of my recent favorites.

June 13


Lily pads rising
Reaching up to the surface
Dragonflies cheer

June 14


Out in the distance
Lightning flash, thunder rumbles
Heading home

June 20

IMG_7313 2

Coffee, time to think
Day unfolding, emerging
Ready to begin

June 21


Lingering daylight
Warm summer night, you and me
Sipping wine outside


Have a great weekend.  
(I hope it's full of poetry.)


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These are great Kym! There is something I find so soothing about Haiku. Nice pictures too! Enjoy your weekend.


Haiku does make you focus and I love yours! Relaxed Tom viewed through wine glass is a great photo and I hope your weekend includes some more of that!


Haiku's paired with photos... the perfect start to a weekend. Just the right amount of relaxation and thought! Beautiful, Kym! Enjoy your weekend!


Count another fan of your haikus! I especially liked the dog curled on a chair and ignoring the sunshine out the window. Also, the heading home photo and poem was so evocative-- reminded me of Nebraska plains. Happy weekend!


I love the "coffee, time to think" poem and I especially love that photo of the dogs and the light. Lovely. Thanks so much for sharing.


You could write a book with your photos and haikus. I'd buy it! We'd all buy it!


Perfect! And so inspirational. I love the book idea! Seems as though you are a natural at this. Any tips?


I'm enjoying this too! June 21 is certainly a favorite :-)


I've been enjoying them, too. I think the one with Tom is my favorite!


Book sounds good to me. 😀 My favorites are Tom and the puppies.


This is inspiring, especially at this moment of morning coffee.
Thank you.



I love writing Haikus - need to get back into doing so....

Love your idea of combining photos with it...

Linda in VA


I think the last one might be lovely to print & frame, and include the haiku - to bring back summer evenings during the winter (or anytime).

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