Love Don't Come Easy

Hey, June!

Tom and I are up north for a few days, and I can't imagine a better place to welcome June.


June . . . is probably my favorite month (although, really, all the summer months are pretty great).  


Hey, June!  Welcome.


Bring on the sunshine.

Watch my garden pop.

Listen to the bird song.

Play outside.

Keep moving - but sit back some, too.

Breathe in the summer!


Bring it!


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You said it! Bring it! Have fun up north!


So peaceful & lovely (except, perhaps, when the chainsaw is roaring)! Looking forward to a few days up north, myself, at the end of the month. ;)

Have a great time!


I love June becomes the promise of summer lies before us! Enjoy your time Up North!


I think if I could be in your Up North, I'd enjoy summer a lot more ... :-)


Your place is the perfect place to welcome June!!


Those photos are so beautiful! And, up north WITH the interwebs is the best! XOXO


That coffee view looks like the perfect way to welcome a bright June day. Bring it on!!


If June in Michigan weren't such a beautiful time and If Mchigan itself weren't such a beautiful state, I would say move to a warm-all-year part of the country where you can be outside all the time. Or maybe you can become a Snowbird when Tom retires and have it both ways. Think of the gardening possibilities.... In the meantime that cup of coffee is so-o inviting. Chloe

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