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Bloomin' Friday

I have a little herb garden.  It's right off my patio, which is right off my kitchen . . . which is a super handy place to have frest herbs.


It really doesn't look like much now, but it will fill out and grow into its space.


In fact, before long, I'll have plenty of my favorite herbs to snip for cooking or for drying and preserving.


IMG_6926 2

I love having fresh herbs right outside my kitchen door.  It's one of my favorite things in my garden!


Enjoy the weekend!



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What fun...and do we know what "surprise" is? I'm growing a jade plant in my kitchen window...and it just brings me such delight to see its leaves sprout...
Happy Weekend!
Cheers ~


I have a sage plant that has come back from winter and has already made for some love sage and lemon tea. I need to get some basil this weekend. Fun little garden space


I have basil, sage, cilantro, lemon thyme and lavender this year and I love them all!


Your herbs are lovely, and I love the companion planted marigolds! I love the smell of my mint and oregano, and am quite happy that my mint has grown enough to make my first pitcher of mint tea later today. Happy Weekend!


I love this little herb garden - and I love even more that I also see some tarragon and dill! And, your blooming chives are so magical!


I've done rosemary, basil and chives this year. I think I'll add a mint plant on the sided for some potential mojito drinking too! Love your garden!


The fresh herbs are the best--especially basil--fresh is the only way to do basil! Your haikus are really fun. Have a wonderful weekend!


We have a little carport garden of herbs and I love rubbing my hands through the thyme to catch a scent. I also love rosemary for the same reason. Love how handy your little garden is! Happy Weekend!!!


Fresh herbs are the BEST! I'm most fond of basil and rosemary. We also have a ton of mint (it is invasive I know)...but mojitos are so good!!


I love your little herb garden! My herb garden is made up of potted herbs because I have a lot of shade, that way I can move them to the sunniest spot throughout the season. My only problem is with the bunnies...they got most of my parsley last night!


Your garden is looking so established already! We're going to redo some beds this summer (hopefully ... and of course by "we" I mean Marc and the landscaper :-) and I hope to create some room for herbs. We have rosemary growing like crazy, and I'd love to add basil, oregano and thyme. and of course I'd definitely need those little ceramic signs.


I (try to) grown herbs in pots and planters on the deck, which is just a few steps from the kitchen. Haven't quite hit on the perfect combination of herbs, though. I never seem to have enough Italian parsley or basil, but I keep trying ;-)

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