May the Fourth . . . Be With You
Sometimes Mondays . . .

Time for Compassion

Compassion is not religious business, it is human business. It is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability. It is essential for human survival.

                                                                                                                       ---- Dalai Lama


Working hard today . . . to maintain my balance.  And find peace.

Compassion . . . is the way forward.


I also want to share this read on staying sane in challenging times.  It helped me yesterday.  Perhaps you will find it useful as well.



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thank you for the link - I needed it this morning!


I'll be reading that. Today calls for tequila, in more ways than one.


I've said this too many times since last November, but I'm ashamed to live in a country where our leaders treat citizens this way, and then celebrate their inhumane treatment. Thank you for the excellent article. I'm going to have to work hard on radical acceptance and then see what's next.


I love the quote at the top too. I saw Paul Ryan on the news this morning and I wanted to punch him. Thank-you for the article. Peace my friend. xo


Thank you ever so much for the article...I intend to print it out and place in my journal for especially those times when I need a reminder & solace. Every day I have hope...and some days are truly tough. But I shall persist!


Thank you for helping us maintain our sanity. Your rock tower is very zen.


It is difficult to see the smug faces of the agents of evil. We need to keep doing what it is we do. You have created a community of resisters with your guidance and encouragement. Keep up the good work, Kym!


LOVE your photo. And I'm not even a blue person. Chloe


As a person of faith, it is painful to realize that having "faith" does not equate to caring for those less fortunate than you. Shame on the lot of them - and may they soon enjoy their unemployed status.

And, I say that will all the compassion they have afforded others....

Carole is right about tequila... Thanks for the sobering article xoxo


Thank you for posting the link. I think I'll print the essay out so I have it to refer back to the next time reading the headlines sends me into a tailspin of rage and hopelessness. It's just no way to live, and we have four years to go!


Excellent, powerful link. Thank you.

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