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Right Now . . . May 2017


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Absolutely gorgeous! Spiderwort is much nicer than its name, and your allium is stunning. My clematis don't bloom until August or so, so I'm happy to enjoy your purple show. Happy weekend!


Oh I like that allium too! Thanks for the beautiful pictures on this gloomy Friday. Have a wonderful weekend Kym...summer's here! xo


So pretty! I love Spiderwort - we have both blue and white. I had never heard of Heuchera - very pretty. Here's hoping you have a lovely, long weekend (knitting and reading and gardening).


I also have Clematis and Spiderwort. Must remember to plan Allium this fall!


Beautiful Kym!! Wishing you a wonderful & relaxing weekend.


Beautiful - nature really does have the prettiest and most varied color palette! Have a wonderful weekend, Kym; hope you get lots of outside time!


So many beautiful purples! The climbing clematis is one of my favorites and the beautiful, unique spiderwort is something I've rarely seen. This is the beginning of life out doors!


I think my one lone allium that survived the house construction and the new septic tank installation seeded last year. There seem to be a lot of similar looking plants in the garden. I should know in a couple weeks (assuming that allium bloom the first year from seed).


Stunning purples! I have some of those in my garden as well! Hope you had a fantastic weekend!


Llove your knowledge of all those flowers...when I need to know the name of a flower I liked and snapped - I am coming here to your blog. You're a veritable encyclopedia. Thanks!

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