Time for Compassion
One Stitch at a Time


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It's so damn cold. Ugh. Pretty cup though!


I thought about you and possible frost this weekend. :-( We had frost last night (and predicted again tonight) so I brought in everything I could and delayed planting tomatoes. After taking a look this morning, I think I just have some roses with damaged new growth, fingers crossed for you. This seems so unfair after those 85-90 degree temps lulled me into a false sense of security!


In Colorado planting our garden is an exercise in futility before May 15. I was surprised that you already had the garden planted--must be a matter of altitude.


I'm so sorry you had frost and hope it didn't do too much damage. We've had nice weather, a little wet, which has been great for enjoying time in the garden. I had to replace my brunnea this year as our last frost really damaged it. :(


Is this weather nuts or what? After a mild winter we are now having a cold spring. It is CRAZY!!! Hope all your plants are ok.


Well that's just wrong on so many levels! Except for the extra coffee part. The extra coffee part is good.


Frost... yeah, we had a big warning this morning. And, a nice hot cuppa is the perfect start to every Monday! XO


yuck - hope there wasn't any damage! (and EVERY day around here starts with a "good cup of coffee or two" ... or three :-))

Barbara S

I recognized the cover of the magazine your cup is sitting on! It's Taproot and I just bought some back issues and became a subscriber a while ago. What a great magazine....and great for people with a "maker" type of personality. So funny that that's what I noticed.

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