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Right Now . . . May 2017

Well.  May.  My goodness . . . you went fast.

In fact, you may have just set the speed-month record!



Just. Like. That.


Here's what's happening for me . . . right now.

Watching - Having recently finished watching the latest seasons of both Grace & Frankie and Call the Midwife, I'm sort of at a loss.  Maybe I'll try the new Twin Peaks?  (Tom and I were big fans of the original . . . almost 30 years ago.)  Maybe Anne with an E?  (I've heard it's worth watching.)  Maybe I'll just watch the weeds grow in my garden instead?  (Because that's quite a show, let me tell you.)

Gardening - This is the time of year where everything just . . . pops!  All the blooms.  All the chores.  All the weeds.  All. Of. It.  And all at the same time!  It's joyous and wonderful and beautiful and exhausting.  May is a busy month -- but gardening is what makes my May schedule go all helter-skelter.  Because I could spend all-day-every-day out in the garden -- and still not be caught up with all the gardening chores!  I am not complaining.  Just busy out there.


Reading - Book Bingo!  Game on!  Last week, I mentioned that I had just started reading The Lonely Hearts Hotel.  Well.  Let me tell you . . . the reviews call it an "adult fairy tale."  And they DO mean "adult."  As in . . . X-rated.  (Just a warning, folks.)  Now, I'm no literary prude, but this one?  Hmmm.  Not to my taste.  I'll finish it (because Bingo) - but it's just a bit . . . on the too-much side for me.  (Any Bingo squares for X-rated books, Mary???)  On a more positive note, I'm listening to The Dark Circle by Linda Grant (on the short list for the Bailey's Women's Prize for Fiction) and loving it!  If you're looking for something to fill the "historical fiction" square on your Bingo card, or even the "set in more than one time period" square, this might be the book for you!  Next up for me: Storm in a Teacup (for that elusive "non-fiction about science" square).

Stitching - I'm happily knitting away on my Colorwash Scarf -- a project that reminds me that knitting is magical and full of pleasure.  I also just cut out an Alabama Chanin dress.  It's going to be very basic (no stenciling) - but still interesting in that altogether Alabama Chanin way.


Drinking - My new favorite summer drink:  The Michigan Mule.  Loosely based on the Moscow Mule (vodka, ginger beer, lime), my Michigan version features Vernor's, Michigan-made whiskey, and lime.  (The whiskey is sometimes substituted with cherry-flavored vodka, although I've not tried that version yet.)  It's FAB.  (And for those of you not from Michigan . . . Vernor's is a very strong ginger ale made in Detroit and popular throughout the state -- but not really available anywhere else.)

Humming - This one has been buzzing around in my head for several days now.  (Like a ceiling can't hold us . . . )

Delighted by - Being able to spend so much time outside.  The weather seems to finally be turning more to . . . summer.  I'm loving long walks with the dogs and plenty of time to garden; sitting in the swing in my pergola and having drinks on the patio.  We're coming up on my favorite season of the year -- and I love it!

Grateful for - Even when life is easy and things are going smoothly, you still need support sometimes, y'know?  I'm grateful for friends stepping in - just when I need them most!


Gold Star - It feels like I really got off-track this month, schedule-wise.  I just had a lot of "seasonal" and "special" things that came up in May - all at once (from the annual Master Gardener plant sale to Erin's lovely visit).  Sometimes, I feel bad for getting "behind" on my schedule.  But.  This month, I'm trying to let it go and enjoy the variability of LIFE.  Being flexible is part of maintaining BALANCE, after all.  The fact the I've gotten through this busy month without a breakdown definitely deserves a Gold Star!

Looking Forward - to a summer I can sink my teeth into!  Time up north, relaxing on the patio, hosting a party, riding my bike, a nice vacation, puttering around in the garden -- and just kicking back.  I'm ready!

How about YOU?  What's happening for you . . . right now?



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Fun post! Glad you got through May with all it offered you...keeping your balance. It's all good! Thanks for the book recommendations (and warning - lol). Our garden is going crazy now too, thanks to all the rain (a rainy, soggy weekend). It's fun to watch it all pop out (even the weeds), but nice to sit back and relax too. Can't wait to see your AC dress!!


Love that top picture! Glad to hear you're taking things in stride...going with the flow. :-) Your plans sound wonderful...we just decided on a family party for July as well. Let the planning begin! xo


I would recommend new episodes of House of Cards for watching, but to be honest, the first few episodes are a bit too much like current real-life politics for me. We have to hold these days of abundance in the garden in our minds for the cold and desolation that will be ahead. Your drink sounds wonderful; how I wish good stuff like Vernor's was available in NJ. Have one for me!


what great photos! I'm going to miss spending time "up North" with Sara this summer ... gonna rely on you and Vicki to remind me what it looks like! Laughed out loud about the x-rated book - maybe we could add "that you think might make you blush"? you know, on the off chance that I can get my mom to play next summer ;-) I'd certainly say you get a Gold Star for balance this month!

Cheryl S.

Believe it or not, we've been able to buy Vernor's in SLC in our local grocery store for about 10 years. (Dr. Pepper/Snapple owns it now, and distributes it pretty widely.) But not many people here have ever tried it unless they're from the East or Midwest. We used to only be able to get it from a specialty grocery whose owner was from Michigan, and he had it brought in.

Larry was having some yesterday (and served it to some friends who had never tried it before), and was wondering if it would be good in a mule.


Remember Vernor's very well - an original Michigander; we are able to buy it here in WashDC, too. Most people refer to it as Ginge-Rale, not Ginger Ale...
May has been filled with all sorts of balancing activities for you.
I recall reading Lady Chatterly's Lover when I was just a mere teen...and wondering what all the fuss was about. As for your current X-rated read, I'd put a big X through it and call it good!


We just finished this season's Grace and Frankie last night - so good! I may try Anne with an E and House of Cards is back so we'll be diving into that. I love my garden this time of year when everything is green and there is so much potential! And HOORAY for summer!


Hmmm...not entirely sure but I think we can get Vernors in Colorado. Your comments on balance were inspiring.


I was just about to say we can get Vernor's here, when I read Cheryl's comment. It's the only ginger ale worth drinking! We're still working on Frankie and Grace and we love it! LOL TV time. I just read Moonshine and barely made it through as it was not only XXX-rated, but WEIRD! I do NOT recommend. I'm going to join you in kicking back this summer. More time to put my feet up, time to garden, time to read, sew...whatever I like. As fast as May went by the end of June should be here quickly, too. I'M READY!


So, that first photo... is that a weed or something "good"?? :)

Crazy May -- it was all over the place weather-wise around here. And I'm still waiting on 4 or 5 days in a row of warm, dry, sunny weather. Doesn't seem too much to ask. High hopes for June!

And here's to Balance and "rolling with it."


I highly recommend Shetland on Netflix! The scenery is absolutely stunning and while the story line does not follow the books identically, they are good!

And, yes - May just flew by! XO

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