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A Whirlwind

Reelin' in the Years

This week's Think Write Thursday needs a bit of a soundtrack, I'm thinking.  (Click here for a song.)

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Dear 5-year-old Kym:

It's 1964.  There's a lot going on out there!  You're growing up amidst turmoil and change.  Don't be afraid.  Play and have fun . . . but keep your eyes open.  Pay attention.  And, remember -- it's okay to color outside the lines and make stray pencil marks once in awhile!

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Dear 16-year-old Kym:

It's 1975.  You're driving now.  Becoming competent.  Standing up for yourself.  Beginning to understand that there are dots to connect.  Quit worrying about what "everyone else" is doing.  (It won't matter in a year or two.)  (Really.)  Try not to be so boy-crazy.  (You're wasting your energy.)  (They really are kind of jerks right now.)  And - for crying out loud - be careful out there.  (You make your future-self nervous.)  (You might also ditch that center part.)  (Just sayin.)

Dear 21-year-old Kym:

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Dear 21-year-old Kym:

It's 1980.  You're completing your student teaching . . . nearly ready to graduate.  But what's that you say?  You think you made the wrong choice?  Maybe this teaching gig isn't for you?  Oh, Kym.  Don't despair.  You're only 21.  You're not supposed to have all the answers.  Even though you feel like you're all grown up and ready to make your way in the world, let me tell you . . . change is part of the game!  And you won't even believe the places you'll go.  (Trust me . . . I know.)  So hang in there.  Listen to your heart.  Things will work out.


Dear 58-year-old Kym:

As Gretchen Rubin says, "the days are long but the years are short."  And now, well . . . you know that's true, for sure.  So grab life by the horns and hang on.  Enjoy every moment -- and keep reelin' in the years!


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Love this post - and all the pictures. Great! And, great advice


You've imparted great advice at every stage! I do like seeing how we've all matured, learned, and grown. If only we knew then what we know now!


A great post and such excellent advice...still very much operative and appropo, especially today.

PS. Seems to me that center parts are all the rage today, ahem. Guess you were ahead of your time tho' I'm with you...don't much like.


My center part has been fighting back for 43 years I think! And you've said it...enjoy every moment! (As best we can!)


This was fantastic! Really... especially the soundtrack! XOXO


You're giving great advice to your previous selves. Your advice of today is spot on!


I really liked th way you kept the focus on who you were and did not define yourself based on relationships. Thanks for the good advice in your wrap up.


Fabulous advice at all of your ages. If only we knew then what we know now.


Beautiful, Kym - reading all these posts has made me realize (yet again!) how lucky I am to be part of such a wise and loving community. Current you is the only one I know, and I hope she takes your advice. Current me would be wise to take it too!


I especially like the wisdom of the advice to your current self, I know I will take it!


*Visiting from Think Write Thursday*

Enjoyed all your photos and the advice to yourself at various stages. Wise indeed. Too bad wisdom only seems to come with experience, age and hind-sight!

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