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When I was a little girl, I always looked forward to the Summer Reading Program at my local library.  I got so excited when my mom would take me to the library to sign up!  (The librarians loved me.)  I would faithfully use whatever reading checklist they had designed that season to track my progress and, ultimately, claim my certificate at the end of the summer.

Now, as a grownup, I still look forward to summer reading with . . .


Summer Book Bingo!

Mary has been promoting Summer Book Bingo (a feature born of the old Books on the Nightstand podcast) through her blog for several years now.   With the end of the BotN podcast, Mary decided to carry the Summer Book Bingo torch on her own, keeping it alive for summer reading grownups . . . like me.   (All Hail Mary, Queen of Summer Book Bingo!)

Mary has created an inspiring and comprehensive list of reading categories and a set of Summer Book Bingo rules -- which you can access on the sidebar of her blog.  She's included the link to a bingo card generator -- so you can create and print your own bingo card.  (Go ahead and click the "Get a New Card" link a few times until you find a card that looks good to you.)

Here's the card I'll be playing this year . . . 

Kym's Summer Book Bingo Card 2017

(Although I'm curious about what "Alternate History" is, actually.  Anyone?)  
(Maybe something filled with "alternative facts" . . . hmmmm?)

I hope you'll play along!  Summer Book Bingo is a fun thing to do in the summer -- especially if you enjoy reading anyway.

It's fun to be part of a larger group of readers, all working toward a similar goal.

It's fun to use your bingo card to plan and track your summer reading.

It's fun to challenge yourself to read books you might not otherwise choose to read.

Heck . . . it's just fun to cry BINGO! every once in a while!

I hope you'll play along.  Set some summer reading goals for yourself.  Maybe you want to get a BINGO.  Maybe two or three?  Or maybe you want to cover your whole card this summer!  It's a lot of fun.

Let's READ.






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I'm in - need to jump over and get a card


Hail Mary! And though my progress is limited...Summer Bingo is the BEST! :-) (As was the library summer reading back in the day!)


That is an interesting card; you've got some intriguing squares! I think alternate history is fiction about a real historical event but with an outcome different than real-life. I've only read a few, but I've seen the the tag on goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/genres/alternate-history
11/22/63 and The Man in the High Castle are examples, and there is a series (The Chronicles of St. Mary's) by Jodi Taylor (which would also work for "set in more than one time period" because they involve time travel, but I'll let you choose your own books!) :-)


So, alternate history - a book that changes historical fact and focuses on a different outcome. Think Man in the High Castle or Underground Airlines. I'm happy to make recommendations for the librarian square.


Alternate history sounds too Trumpian--yuck! Like you, I always participated in the summer reading program at the library. There was always a nice party for the kids who completed the program. You brought back a memory of my mom worrying because I reread some books that I'd read before. She did not understand that these books were usually ones that were a bit beyond my reading level the first time around--they were perfect on the second reading!


Looks like you have a good card! I've already started a couple of books for my card. I think what I love most about Summer Book Bingo is all the recommendations from others playing along. That's the best!


I love summer bingo! I've already printed my card and have begun to plan what books I'll read. When I was in school we always received summer reading lists and, like you, I remember bringing my list to the library and checking out books. Enjoy!


Yahoo!! I think I'll be securing my card this afternoon!

My mother never took us to the library when we were young... having 5 kids in 6 years probably had a lot to do with that, plus libraries were a lot different than they are now. I was older -- junior high -- when I remember going with her -- it wasn't "for" me and it wasn't for books, either. My mother borrowed framed art and sculptures from the library. We had a favorite Degas dancer that would appear on the piano from time to time! I went to school libraries, of course, and then I got a job at our public library when I was a high school freshman.

My kids participated in our local summer reading program, though, and BOY HOWDY, I think we're still using pencils that they earned... LOVED IT!!


The first book that came to mind for Alternate History was Yiddish Policeman's Union. Bechdel-Wallace test is a fantastic catagory! I think you've got a great card, Kym!


I'm in! Maybe we could make a group and get some prizes! I'd happily donate a couple of skeins or fiber or something else.


what a great card! You've probably already figured out that Alternate History is "a genre of fiction consisting of stories in which one or more historical events occur differently." (thanks to wikipedia for the definition). Think about things like Germany winning WWII. I LOVED 11/23/63 (reworking Kennedy's assassination) from two summer bingos back. The Yiddish Policeman's Union ("Israel" is in Alaska, not Palestine) has been on my TBR for a few years. Wikipedia has a great list (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_alternate_history_fiction) ... there are some really interesting retakes! AND I can't think of anyone better to have the Bechtel-Wallace square. Looking forward to seeing what you select; I might just have to read along!


I love your book bingo card! Lots of potential there! Let the reading begin!!

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