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A Knitting Story for Mother's Day

Piece of Cake

When I first read today's Think Write Thursday topic, I thought Piece. Of. Cake.

Because, really, how simple!  

All I have to do . . . is describe my ideal day.

A sunny day.  75º F.  Up North.  Sitting on the dock.  Watching the clouds and reading a book in the sunshine.

But.  Wait.

What about . . .

Snowed in.  Fire in the fireplace.  Tea and banana bread and a big pile of knitting.  (With no ripping back.)

But.  Wait.

What about . . .

Sunny.  Light breeze.  Digging in my garden; maybe pulling some weeds.  Everything blooming.  Bees and butterflies everywhere.

But.  Wait.

What about. . . 

A day at the beach in Belize.  Barefoot.  Margarita in hand.  Sound of the ocean.  Perfect sunset.

But.  What about . . . 

Perfectly cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  All my family gathered around.  Laughing together.  Remembering.

But.  Wait.

What about . . .


I'm sure you're getting my drift.


My ideal day?  

Turns out it's even more Piece. Of. Cake. than I imagined.  Because my ideal day is a day where I get to do whatever I want . . . in that particular moment . . . whatever it may be . . . with no hindrances or obstacles!

How about YOU?  What's your ideal day look like?


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