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Last week, I went on a gallery hop/field trip to the lakeshore "twin cities" of Douglas and Saugatuck -- Michigan's Art Coast (about an hour from Kalamazoo).


You know . . . it was one of those things that sounded GREAT when I signed up to go.  But then I got busy.  And last week was pretty jammed.  And I was kind of regretting committing to spending a whole day away in the middle of an already busy week.  (Does this ever happen to anyone else?  Or is it just me that does this kind of thing?)


I got up and dragged myself over to the meeting point for the trip.  And . . .

It ended up being a really awesome day.  Once the bus pulled away (and they put a mimosa in my hand . . . ), I just kicked back and relaxed and enjoyed a day near the Lake Michigan shore -- with good company, excellent food, and really cool art.

And it turned out to be a bit of Just What I Needed.


You see, lately I seem to be a bit . . . uninspired.  About what to draw, what to paint, what to knit, what to plant.  Pretty much everything that requires my creativity.  Usually, I'm bursting with ideas and things I want to try.  Lately, I've been . . . well.  More undecided.  Particular.  Definitely on "pause."  It's not that I'm ambivalent or uninterested.  I definitely want to continue making and creating.  I'm just not quite sure . . . what.

Although it's actually been kind of frustrating for me, I've come to think that it's maybe just a phase in my own personal creative development.  And, eventually, I'll find my way again.  (And maybe an even better way!)  But.  For now, let's just go with frustrating.


So on this trip, I was able to wander through several galleries and, in a very relaxed way, just let other people's creativity wash over me.

Shapes.  Colors.  Patterns.


Genres far outside the ones I practice.


Observing how others . . . find harmony and balance.


Or play with shadow and light.


Or tap into a sense of  joy and whimsy and fun.


It was a good day for me.  A day to kind of . . . fill up my tank again.  

(So glad I got on the bus.)










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It sounds lovely. Ihave been in a creative slump too - I am blaming it on the rain.


Sometimes "forcing" yourself to do something ends up being a real starting point for ideas and inspiration. I'm glad you ended up going - and shared some of the goodness with us.


A day that starts with a mimosa and involves a relaxed walk through galleries sounds like a pretty good one! (I love that glass sunflower and those shadow pieces.) And it's not just you; I end up feeling that way about commitments far too often.


I do that sort of thing, too, except I usually talk myself out of it before I even sign up. I'm glad you had a great day. Y'know, grief can be a creativity sapper so you might want to just give yourself some time, you've got a lot to process. Just saying.


I never want to go where I originally think I want to go! I became so irritated with the adults who couldn't follow the assignment directions in the photo class I took that I never went to the last two classes! (Still felt it was worth what I got from it though.) (Man did they drive me crazy!) I'm glad you were able to have a nice day and gather some inspiration. xo


Oh, goodness, yes that happens to me! I'm so glad you went, though!! Everyone goes through creative slumps -- and I'm sure that you have before, too, just maybe not quite like this. It's hard to be ON, CREATING, DOING, GOING, MAKING... ALL.THE.TIME. "Filling up the tank" is exactly the way to think of it. (Rusty does it regularly!)

I was thinking this way in terms of cooking the other day... I've been so uninspired lately, nothing sounds/looks/tastes good, I resent time spent in the kitchen, blahblahblah. And at other times, I can't wait to cook & eat all the things and there's no place I'd rather be!


I'm so glad you went and enjoyed yourself (I feel that same way about some church events; I've never once regretted the time once I've been, but getting myself there can be a struggle). and like Carole said, I think grief might be playing a role here. Give yourself time. and keep looking. You'll find it again ... likely where/when you least expect it! hugs.


The feeling that there's just too much scheduled is certainly true for me. But you made me ask the question, "Why do we seem to have a tendency to question an activity that's just for pleasure?"


Art... the thing that makes every day so much better, brighter, inspired, and more full! Thanks for sharing the awesome artwork!


Sounds like a wonderful renewal. Your inner sense must have told you to sign up for that trip. Glad you listened to it!


This happens to all of us and maybe this time of year has something to do with it. Come on summer and the season of sun! When you are fortunate enough to SEE and KNOW and EXPERIENCE all the different ways you can embrace art, finding the "right" direction and renewal can be overwhelming. Seeing light, color and shape in new ways would be a beautiful boon to the imagination! How wonderful you made the right choice!


I so appreciate the great photos you took of your sightings and inspiration...they fill(ed) up my tank, too. I think that sometimes we just overload ourselves with should and lose sight of those things that bring us joy, peace, inspiration. A break is always a good thing. Your mojo will return, refreshed!


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