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On Celebrating in New Ways

I often wonder when I got "bit" by the gardening bug.  It might be just be in my blood -- because for generations and generations, my family (on my dad's side) were farmers.  (My dad was raised on an Illinois farm.)  

I like to think, though, that it happened when I was a very little girl, sitting next to my mom at the strip of flower garden planted along the side of our house.  She would name the plants for me . . . moss roses, four o'clocks, snap dragons . . . and show me magical things.  How to collect seeds from the moss roses and four o'clocks.  How to make the snap dragons . . . snap open their mouths.

I'm pretty sure it was there . . . alongside my mom . . . that I discovered the magic of flowers.  (And combined with my agricultural heritage, well . . . gardening seems kind of inevitable, doesn't it?)


My mom and I spent many a Mother's Day over the years . . . planting.  Or shopping for plants.  Or planning what to plant.  Mother's Day and time in the garden with my mom . . . it's just the way it always was.

So this Mother's Day, my first without my mom, I decided to create a special garden in celebration of her.

It's right there . . . at the very front of the garden bed next to my pergola.  


We had to have one of the pines removed last fall, so there was new space in the front of the bed.  Tom dug it all out for me on Saturday and prepared it for my planting.

Yesterday, I planted my mom's favorite flowers.  Dahlias.  Alstroemeria.  Snap Dragons.  And, come fall, I'll plant some tulip bulbs there.  (Because my mom loved her tulips!)  Many of the hostas in this garden bed came from my mom's garden over the years.

The location is perfect -- because I can see my new Mom-garden from my kitchen window or from the patio.  And it's right next to the pergola.  I used to sit on the pergola swing and talk to her on the phone nearly every day during the warm months.  She loved to swing.

It doesn't look like much today (you know how new gardens are. . . ), but it will grow and bloom and be a wonderful celebration of my mom all season long.


The little red bird and the fairy house came from my mom's own garden, but I purchased the memorial stone especially for this space.

Planning - and planting - this garden helped me through a tough day.  I still got to celebrate and garden with my mom -- just in a new way.


My sister, who loves to bake, celebrated Mother's Day by baking up some of our mom's special recipes -- using Mom's recipe box and baking pans.


My mom's rhubarb pie . . . as baked by my sister.  New ways to celebrate, indeed!




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What a beautiful celebration of your Mom. I know she was smiling down from above and sending all of her love your way...and to WY too!


What beautiful tributes to your mom


You and your sister came up with perfectly wonderful and loving ways to celebrate! Thank you for sharing and inspiring! xo


I think that garden is the perfect way for you to honor and celebrate your mom, not just this year but for years to come. And looking at her recipe box there - my mom had the exact same one!


ahhh... you post makes my heart ache.


Ahhhh, this is so lovely!! What wonderful & perfect ways you've both found to celebrate your mother! xo


This is perfect. You and your sister did well for your mom this Mother's Day, congratulations!


I think this is the most beautiful tribute to your mom! A perfect way to spend time with memories of her! XOXO


What a beautiful way to celebrate your Mom Kym. And what enjoyment you will get watching your Mom Garden grow. And...your sister's pie looks delicious!!


What a beautiful tribute to your mom-it's a wonderful way to celebrate her life!


Kym, My heart is bursting with emotion - this is just the loveliest tribute to your mother from you and your sister. Know that your mother's love and your very precious memories will always be here with you. Thank you for sharing this.


What a wonderful sisterly act to honor your mother-- just lovely!


Oh Kym, I can't think of a better way to celebrate your mom! your garden and your sister's baking ... simply perfect!


You honor your mom in a tangible and beautiful way. Your garden is a lovely place for you to remember your mother and to find peace and solace in its green, lush heart.


Your garden tribute to your mom, and your sister's pie is just a wonderful way to have spent Mother's Day. What a special place in your yard you'll have to enjoy in her memory. Just lovely!


Ooh! I think that is my mother-in-law's recipe box. She was a great pie baker and her rhubarb was my favorite.

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