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May the Fourth . . . Be With You

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . . 

Two people got engaged.  The mother-of-the-bride hung their engagement photo in the hall of her comfortable and welcoming home.  And there it remained.

Scan 3

The years passed, and the couple had children of their own.  A daughter and a son.  And when the daughter reached the age of about 7, the couple shared the original Star Wars movie with her (because she was a big fan of swords and complicated sword play from an early age and the couple figured she might like light sabers as well) (they were right).  

One night, the little daughter was having a sleep-over at her grandmother's house.  Lo and behold, she spied the engagement picture hanging on the wall.  For the first time ever, she took a long, serious look at the photo.

There was Mommy.  She could see that right away.

But the dude?  Who was that?  Because . . . well . . . Daddy had short hair.  And it was darker.  And he wore glasses, too!

Was it?????

Could it possibly be?????

The daughter called out to her grandmother in an excited voice.  "Nanny!!!!  Nanny!!!!  Did Mommy marry Luke Skywalker?????"

May the Fourth . . . be with you! 


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I know next to nothing about Star Wars, but I do think that Tom looks like Mark Hamill and this is the best Star Wars story ever!


That is too cute and funny! Agree with Bonny - every word - and especially "the best Star Wars story ever!"


That's absolutely perfect! I met Mark Hamill once in an airport and I have to say, Tom is cuter.


This story made my day!


Tom is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cuter and has aged so much better! Great story Kym!


Oh my goodness, how cute is that!??

(My sister married "Richie Cunningham," according to her engagement photo!)
(The other one married "Yanni"!) ;)


Laughed until tears. So cute.
(My wish is in the looks of Robert Redford, the younger look or heck I guess present age. Though whenever my husband is going for a haircut, I always say -- ask for the Robert Redford cut! But . . . somehow . . . sigh . . . never works.)


oh my I LOVE THIS STORY! laughing out loud and even Holly lifted her head. Love that you married Luke. I married Al Pacino ;-)


LOVE!! Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud! Your Star Wars story wins the day! xoxo


That is a great story!! Out of the mouth of babes.
Smith looked a little more like Magnum PI, back in the day. :)


What a fun story!


How cute was that!! Great story, Kym. Thanks for sharing!

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