Right Now . . . May 2017
Hey, June!

Love Don't Come Easy

Here's a little soundtrack for today's post.

You can't hurry love;
No you just have to wait.


You've got to trust it, give it time;
No matter how long it takes.


Love don't come easy;
it's a game of give and take!

So, yeah.  Sometimes projects drag on for months . . . maybe even for a whole year.  It sure feels good when you finish them, though.  

You just can't hurry love!

(Ravelry details here.)


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That looks great on you and I think it might be really awesome for this time of year!


That's a great piece! You'll wear it well for certain my friend!


The top was worth the wait! It not only looks fabulous, it also looks "right"! LOVE!


That is super cute and definitely worth the wait! I wish I was comfortable wearing that style of sweater, but I need more "coverage." Haha!


That turned out adorable! I would look like dirt in it, but it looks darling on you. Perfect topper for this time of year.


A perfect top for you! Looks great on you. Wear it in the best of health.


I love that! You did an excellent job and it looks like it was made for you. ;-)

Finally - an earworm that I can bear to have! The last few days I've had one that nearly put me over the edge.


That looks very nice on you & perfect for this time of year!


It was worth the wait! Cute and practical!


What a great sweater! I love those slouchy pockets. And I hear you about sloppy sleeves. It's one of the tricky things about summer sweaters. This looks wonderful on you!


So cute! I love it! Bravo to you, it looks so good on you and will be perfect for the summer (and into fall!!)


Super cute! perfect fit and color and I LOVE how you've styled it. I'm sure you'll be able to wear it a lot - it seems (surprisingly?) versatile!


Warms the shoulders but doesn't stifle you. And stylish too. My kind of sweater-lette.


oooh, that's DARLING!

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