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Bloomin' Friday: Brought To You By the Color Purple

In the Bag

Until a couple of years ago, I had kind of a Thing . . . for bags.  Handbags.  Totebags.  Wallets.  Clutches.  I had quite a collection . . . far too many to use, truth be told.  (I actually started hanging some of my favorites on doorknobs -- as "art objects.")  (Because I think I was taken more by their design than their function.)

And then . . . I discovered the Marie Kondo method (Kon-Mari for those in the know), and discovered that most of those bags just . . . didn't bring me joy.  They're gone now.  Seriously.  Gone.

And replaced by the completely unattractive yet highly functional Baggalini Everywhere Bagg.


Yes.  For two solid years now, THIS bag has been my only bag.  (I do actually have it in two colors -- black for the cold months and blue for the warmer ones.  Same bag.  Different colors.)

Although I thought I might die from bag-boredom early on, I can now say that this bag is the perfect bag for me!  Every. Day.

It has functional pockets --- that I actually use.  For my phone, for my lip gloss, for my bullet journal, for my cheaters, for my umbrella.  There is ample storage for those times I want to bring my iPad or a small knitting project along.  Everything fits.  Everything has it's place.  Shoot . . . there's even a hook for my keys.  And - maybe best of all - I can throw the bag in the washing machine and freshen it up if I need to.

It's time for me to switch out my bag . . . from the black version to the blue version.  Perfect timing for this week's Think Write Thursday topic!  Want to see what I keep in there?


Let's see . . . 

We have my wallet (which doubles as a clutch if I don't want to haul the entire bag around -- it even has room for my phone), my grocery-list-memo-pad, my horribly hideous umbrella (I'm really hard on umbrellas; this is a free-with-purchase umbrella that came with some random totebag along the way), cheaters pair #1, bullet journal, wet wipes (just in case), my quick-sketch pad and pencil, some Imodium (because you need to be prepared, y'know), Altoids, spare hearing aid batteries, tissues, a decent pen, keys, hand lotion, lipgloss, and my phone.  (I just realized my cheaters pair #2 missed the photo . . . because they were on my head.  But they belong in the bag too -- right in the handy side zip pocket, perfect for cheaters or sunglasses.)  That's pretty much it for me.  I like to travel light . . . but also be prepared.  

And, with that . . . I've switched over to my warm-weather blue version of the Everywhere Bagg! 


How about YOU?  What's in YOUR bag?


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I need a new bag, the bucket bag I've been carrying is black and starting to show a lot of wear. I'm off to investigate the Everywhere Bag.


This is the second time in a week that I've run across a Baggalini bag, and I just may take that as a sign to replace my heavy, unorganized backpack. Room to travel light but prepared, along with space for a book and knitting sounds just right!


Your bag looks great! I need to investigate these as well (though I'll admit to still being a bit of a bag-aholic!!).


Off to buy stock in Baggalini! Love this practicality!


Perfect timing! I've seen a Baggallini bag or two at shops but have never brought one home with me. I've been thinking about a new bag -- with more comfortable/adjustable straps -- for the immediate needs of traveling but also for everyday/everywhere, so now have an order underway. ;)


I love Baggalini! I have a tote (holds EVERYTHING) and a smaller crossbody to use when I don't need to carry my bagass bag. They wear so well! My quest of the moment is finding the right wallet to replace my worn out oldie.


Baggalini!? How have I not heard of this! And, I LOVE YOUR CHEATERS CASE! XOXO


This topic has been a great one for sharing wonderful ideas about getting - and staying - organized and downsizing. Your Baggalini looks functional and stylish. ...and completely perfect for you ... and others (too bad you're not getting a commission on the sales this post has prompted ;-)


I have a roomy everywhere bag, too. Ten years ago before knitting and iPads I didn't need it. I miss those carefree days. But would miss my knitting and my iPad even more. Love the shade of your blue one.


I have been carrying a Nantucket Bagg for years (I'm on my third one), but the Baggalini has stolen my heart. There is a brown one that will be on its way to me tomorrow; tragically, the Everything bag is not currently available in blue.

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