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A Whirlwind

Last Wednesday, Erin arrived to spend a few days in Michigan.  It was great to see her --- but, WOW!  What a whirlwind!  (Because we had QUITE An Agenda for this visit.)


We spent some time at the beach (specifically . . . Oval Beach . . . one of the most beautiful stretches of Lake Michigan shoreline in southern Michigan).  We were there, officially, to scope out wedding photography locations.  But the day was beautiful - warm and sunny - so we took some time to play.  (The water was icy -- far too cold to wade in, but the sand was nice and warm.)



We accomplished MUCH in the way of wedding planning, meeting at the venue to decide details, menu, photography, and flowers.  (Here's where the ceremony will take place.)


And Erin said "yes to the dress." (But not one of these "lace monstrosities."  Erin has never "done lace," and nothing about that changed when it came time for her to choose a dress.)


Both Erin and I needed to fortify ourselves frequently -- as the "wedding industry" is pretty disgusting -- and SO over the top.  (Just sayin.)


We also did a lot of non-wedding shopping so Erin will have a good working-wardrobe for her summer internship at . . . 


(She'll be doing technical writing and software documentation for LinkedIn in California beginning next week.)

There was still plenty of time for relaxing and eating and drinking; watching hockey with Tom; spending time with Poppy.  It was a great couple of days -- very productive and kind of exhausting, but fun.

Before we knew it . . . 


she was gone.  (With a big suitcase that arrived Empty and departed Full Of Stuff.)

Definitely a whirlwind -- but the kind of whirlwind I welcome any time.




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I'm sure you had a well planned out list so you could get it all done! And you did! And, there is so much new ahead for her! What a great time of life! You offer the support, the insurance, of starting off with the kind of support and love she needs while going through life's biggest make a great team!


All of it...just the best! (Oh how I want that at some point!)


It sounds like a worthwhile whirlwind! Sometimes it's best not to have a lot of time when you are actually hoping to accomplish things. But I'm glad there was also time to visit.

And I agree with you - the "wedding industry" is just revolting!


What a fun weekend. Erin looks so very, very happy. Glad you had time together to get what needed to be done...done...but also time for a brew or two!!


It's tough to make rational, reasoned decisions in a whirlwind, but I'm glad you and Erin prevailed in the midst of all that lace and planned the wedding you want! (I think frequent fortification was key.) Getting married is a big thing, and so is a summer internship with LinkedIn; I'm thrilled for all of you that Erin has so many good things in her life now and for the future! (But maybe no more walking away photos at the airport? They make me teary-eyed even if it's not my kids walking away!)


Oh it looks wonderful! and that venue ... oh my!! and ditto that last bit from Bonny ... me too!!


Hurrah for No Lace Wedding Dress! (Mine had no lace, either, plus it had a hood instead of a veil.)


I bet you two had a blast! Mother/daughter time is always special but when you're planning a wedding? I get all verklempt just thinking about it.


Congrats on accomplishing so much! We did long distance planning of my daughter's wedding in Colorado. I'd fly in and we would buzz around then fly out. Such fun! You are so right about the wedding industry! Exciting internship for Erin!


So thrilling for you, Kym! And, of course there are LOTS of beautiful wedding gowns without lace, and I am sure Erin found the perfect one for HER. Can't wait to see it!


Oh how fun! Exhausting, but fun!!


How fun and exciting! I love Oval Beach and I think it is the perfect place for photos! Exciting times indeed! And, bravo to Erin for her awesome internship! XO

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