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A Knitting Story for Mother's Day

My mom was a knitter.

But she was a rather reluctant and not-very-confident knitter.  Mostly because she was afraid of making mistakes and wasn't sure how to fix them -- and she had no one around to show her how.

Still, she persisted.  She knit my sister and I little red cardigans when we were little girls.  (I still have mine; cables down the front.)  She also knit us little hats that tied under our chins.  And she was the Queen of the Ripple Afghan.

And . . . she taught me to knit.

As I became a better knitter - and especially as I became adept at fixing knitting goofs - my mom got a little braver with her needles.  She mastered socks and mittens, all the while keeping us supplied with a never-ending stock of dish cloths.

But what she really wanted to knit?  Baby afghans!


About ten years ago - back when my kids were still in high school - my mom decided to knit baby afghans for her future great grandchildren.  

She wanted to be ready, you see.  She had three grandchildren - and she wanted to be able to give each of them a handknit baby afghan whenever - and if ever - they had a child of their own.

First, she knit the yellow blanket.  For her oldest granddaughter -- my sister's daughter.

Then, she knit the variegated blanket.  For Erin.

And, finally, she knit the little aqua blanket.  For Brian.


Then, she packed them away.  She just wanted to be ready for . . . whenever the time came.

Now, I have my mom's afghans.  Packed away safely and ready to distribute . . . when (and if ever) the time comes.

It's really comforting for me to know . . . that even though my mom will never be able to hold those future great grandchildren in her arms, those future great grandchildren will still be wrapped in her love.

(The power of knitting.)

(The power of Moms.)

Happy Mother's Day!


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That's awesome and what a great post this is for Mother's Day. My Nana made a baby layette set and gave it to me when I was in high school to put away for her future great grandchild. She made it in pink and told me she did that so that my first baby would be a boy. The joke was certainly on her since I only had one and, as y'all know, I had a baby girl. (For a minute I thought your post was leading to an announcement of an upcoming grandchild, I will say.) Your first Mother's Day without your mom can be rough, be gentle with yourself this weekend. XOXO


What a wonderful post Kym and what a wonderful, wonderful gift to be able to give. And as Carole just said - I found the first Mother's Day without my mom to be particularly unpleasant too. Do what's best for you. xoxo


What a lovely idea.... I might just have to start knitting baby blankets. ~grin


I thought this post might make me cry, and sure enough ... some from sadness for you and your family, but mainly because of the power of love and how beautifully your mom expressed it with her knitting. I'm not sure if I'll ever have grandchildren, but this makes me want to knit baby blankets (just in case). Even 15 years later, I still feel at loose ends without my mother on Mother's Day, and I will be thinking of you and sending hugs. XO


I was wondering if there was an announcement to be made!! It was four years ago on Mother's Day that I learned I'd be a grandma. My mother was similar to yours... she taught me to knit, but was never a very confident knitter herself. I actually started knitting Parcheesi as a baby blanket for a future grandchild (at the time there was no sign), but I loved it too much to give it away!! I figured that if I kept it, then we could share it... and we have.


Oh this is perfect! And even if those grandchildren never have children, they can still have a loving hug from your mom. Which is a gift in and of itself.

Happy Mother's Day, Kym!


A beautiful post Kym. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a peaceful and restful weekend.


This is such a lovely post, Kym. My mother, too thought of the next (and the next) generation in all she did. My brother has a baby blanket my mom made while she was ailing and it is very dear to all of us. Your mother's love is boundless and true.


This post brought tears to my eyes. What lovely memories - old and new. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful thing!


Such a sweet moving and powerful tribute. Take it easy on yourself tomorrow xxx


What a wonderful story, Kym - thank you for sharing it! (I was sort of thinking there might be a BABY announcement at the end of the post ;-)


What a tender story, a real life story, and wonderful memories for the whole family to past on and on.
(Plus -- Oh my -- this is exactly what I was thinking this week . . . to knit dishcloths and towels for my nonexistent great-grandchildren. And I tell myself, I will knit them for the "rest of my life" because that is how much time I will need.
Now I'm thinking, yes -- baby afghans.)


Lovely story. I'll be turning 70 this summer, and with my oldest grandchild just turning 6, it is highly unlikely I will see any great-grandchildren - or be capable of knitting for them even if I do get to meet them! Now I know what to do when I'm looking for a knitting project!


Your mother was indeed gifted and thoughtful. Whenever the grands receive these items for their children, know they will definitely be even more treasured. The fun part is waiting for the next chapter...

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