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Words on Wednesday: Poetry

I've spent the last two days attending a training session on environment and water quality issues.  The sessions were in Holland, and I made the hour-long drive back and forth on back roads, taking the scenic route.  

On Monday morning, there was the barest hint of green on the trees.  By yesterday afternoon, the various spring shades of green were just popping over the landscape!  Spring was really unfolding as I drove along.


This . . . unfolding . . . sent me to New Collected Poems by Wendell Berry.  This one seemed perfect for right now.

April Woods:  Morning

Birth of color
out of night and the ground.

Luminous the gatherings
of bloodroot

newly risen, green leaf,
white flower

in the sun, the dark
grown absent.

     ---Wendell Berry


April is National Poetry Month.  On Wednesdays throughout the month, I'll be sharing some of the poems I love.  Thursday, April 27 is Poem in My Pocket day.  Maybe you'll join me -- and share YOUR favorite poem that day.


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I think you've chosen the perfect poem for this time of year. I've noticed an acceleration of things unfolding here (fruit tree blossoms, maple leaves unfurling, and a lovely abundance of dandelions appearing overnight) and you and Wendell Berry have expressed it beautifully. Thank you!


Indeed a perfect choice! And, as Bonny said, everything seems to be popping/unfurling/opening up so quickly. Buds that were tightly closed one day are fully open the next. Now there is a leaf cover over the roads I drive to work whereas last week there was none. A magical time!


It's starting here finally. Three days of April showers ahead should seal the deal!


Oh, I love the "green haze" time of year!! ;)


Our spring greens are unfolding a little more quickly than yours (just barely). It's an amazing process to watch and Berry's words touch the soul.


Thank you for the beautiful photos and for more Wendell Berry! I cannot read his poetry without music starting in my head! And, both are a lovely combination!


(what Kat said ;-) and what a wonderful time to have a drive through the country!


It is amazing how quickly the landscape changes in the spring. One day of warmth and rain and BAM! Green everywhere!

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