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Another Bloomin' Friday

Another Weekly Eye Roll

At my gym, we have a nice and big, quite posh locker room.  There are several "bays" with lockers and mirrors surrounding big benches.  And because there are several "bays" - each looking pretty much exactly like the others - people tend to gravitate to the same spot each time they come in.  So as to help us remember where we "parked," so to speak.


You get to know the women you see regularly in your "bay."  Y'know?

There is one woman I see 3 times a week, but we tend not to speak to each other.  Because she is a pool-walker.  And I am a lap-swimmer.  And there is always (and especially earlier in the mornings) a bit of, well . . . let's just call it tension . . . between the two pool user-groups.  And this woman happens to be a General in the Pool-Walker Army.  (I tend to just keep my head down and swim.)  (Although I have been known to cause a fuss.)  (But that's usually in January.  And only when things get Really Bad.)

Still.  I try to be nice.  (In and out of the pool.)

One day last week, as I was getting dressed in the locker room, I happened to notice The General had a pair of well-worn hand knitted socks stuffed into her shoes under the bench.  So I decided to be friendly; to reach out; to comment . . . 

Did you knit your socks? I asked.

Yes.  She said.

I'm a knitter, too.  I said.

And then she unloaded.  Well.  These are Jaywalkers.  But not from the original pattern.  I use a modified version to knit toe-up because that's the ONLY way to knit socks.  I also ONLY knit using the new Magic Loop method because that is the ONLY way to knit socks.  And I ALWAYS reinforce my heels and toes with nylon.  You'll notice MY socks never wear out in the heels.  It's the ONLY way to knit socks.  And I ONLY knit with Opal sock yarn.  It is the ONLY yarn to knit socks with.  

And on and on and on, pretty much without pause for breathing . . . 

I just pulled on my hand knit sweater and proceeded to dry my hair.

Really, lady?


To that, I say . . . 


I won't make THAT mistake again!

(Eye roll for emphasis.)