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Right Now . . . April 2017

Two In One Day: Post #2 - Thinking and Writing on Thursday

Today . . . I am doing something unheard of.  

Today . . . I am posting TWICE.  (Please be sure to check my other post today by clicking here.)


Remember the time . . . 

so bored one Friday night in the spring of 1979 . . . 

Jennifer and I thought it would be great fun to dress like gangsters and go out on the town?


Maybe pick up some toy machine guns and go see if we could storm our way into a movie?

Maybe try to convince the sales clerk to give us free nail polish at the drug store?

Maybe talk some bartenders into free drinks?

We could even smoke some Cherry Swisher Sweets for color.


Shoot, our boyfriends are out of town.

Let's raise some hell.

Thelma and Louise . . . before Thelma and Louise. . . were Thelma and Louise.

(Oh. My. God.  What were we thinking????  And can you imagine if we tried to do this NOW????  In today's world????)

(We had a great time, though.)


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You two! I remember those bored evenings. Fun post Kym - thanks for sharing.


I was not creative enough on boring Friday nights to hatch an idea that began with "Maybe pick up some toy machine guns ..." Times have indeed changed (and I'm glad you're not trying to post from jail)!


Couple of pretty young criminals there! You could have dazzled them into anything you needed! :-)


That's awesome! But yeah, not something you could do in today's world. I think you look just like Princess Di in that first photo, by the way.

Cheryl S.

Too funny!


Oh my goodness!! That had to be inspired by something... a movie??


I hope you really did raise some hell! This is just a hoot!


LOL I love this!! It is so perfect!


I love that you solved the problem about "what to post?" but posting twice! double delight!


You two were adorable! (And creative!)

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