It's Monday . . .
Words on Wednesday: Poetry


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OMG - Your BOOTS - LOVE them!

I can't hear you about Thursday...lalalalalalalala


Cute wellies!


Oh my goodness, your boots are so cute!! It is definitely spring... the weather is different everyday! Glad you were able to get out in the yard for a bit.


Nice boots! And YES to outside!!!


Cute boots almost make up for the incessant rain (but not for snow). We've got rain, thunderstorms, and flooding today through Thursday. I hope I don't melt pruning roses and mums!


Those die for. Snow falling here...I feel your pain.


Why do I not remember April being cold? Wet yes. March wet, too. But, it would be nice if the warmth stuck around for a few days in a row. Your boots look the perfect projection and I'll bet the scent of the wet earth was heady!


I thought about going out into our garden and starting to clean up this past Sunday, but it was still too cool and damp for me to make the effort. You're clearly ahead of me ... :-)


We've had lots of rain today and it's supposed to be iffy for the rest of the week BUT Sunday and Monday look great. Hooray!


Rainy and windy here... but your boots win the day! (and snow??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)


your boots are awesome! and surely snow would just be a (few days) late April Fools joke?!?


Snow? You just sent me in a panic to to check out the forecast for 54858. Whew, sunny and 58 degrees. But rain and snow showers predicted for next Tuesday...

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