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Last week, I met my friend Cheri to walk the Kal-Haven Trail.  We were looking forward to catching up with each other -- but we were also in search of trillium.  We'd heard they were already in bloom (a couple of weeks early this year) -- and we didn't want to miss them.  

Our timing was perfect!


The hillsides along the trail were covered with trillium.


It was sort of magical.


There were lots of other early-spring wildflowers in bloom along the trail -- and redbuds floating above.


It also turned out to be a great day for spotting Michigan morel mushrooms!


I'm always leery of picking morels when I think I see them -- because I'm never certain . . . Is it a morel?  Or will I die if I eat it?  So I tend to just leave them be.  My friend, Cheri, though?  She's an experienced morel-hunter!  Now . . . I know what I'm looking for.

And we found a bunch  - right there on the trail.  Enough for tasty hors d'oeuvres before dinner.


Catching up with a friend.  Awesome wildflowers.  And morels.

All in all . . .  a great day on the trail!



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That's a great day! Curious...how did you serve those mushrooms?


I've never picked morels, and only ate them for the first time during my most recent trip to Chicago. And now I know what all the fuss is about. I love fungi, anyway, but morels really are tasty!! I haven't spotted any trilliums here yet.


THe trillium and morels are just breathtakingly beautiful! What a great greeting to spring! clearly, the snow didn't reach Michigan this weekend!


Those trillium are gorgeous! I miss them here in PA. And, those morels! YUM!


Thanks so much for sharing those trillium! I grew up in a house in the woods and we always looked for trillium and other wildflowers, but I've never seen so many. Truly magical! (And I'm glad you didn't die from mushrooms; I'm always wary, too.)


my best walking friend has had meniscus surgeries on BOTH knees this year - it's been months - until today! - since we've been on the trail together. no morels, but she's an expert on pilates and yoga and I always leave with some new tidbit to ponder.


Morels and trillium - both wonderful spring time treats! We always saw both back when we'd go turkey hunting in the Berkshires. Our trillium here is often purple - do you have that color, too, or just white? Also, we have a great brewery here called Trillium.


How fun to find morels and know they are safely edible!! Trilliums are such regal flowers. The only place I know I can find them is Red Butte. I need to check it out while the spring flowers are still coming on.


I thank you and your friend for the nature lessons...and wish I had a trail to walk too. Thanks for sharing.


Our woods will look like that in a couple weeks (if all goes well). Can you believe I have never eaten a morel, nor even seen one in the wild?

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