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Decade Dog

 Saturday we celebrated Jenny's 10th birthday . . . 

with a long walk on the trail at Asylum Lake


and special dog treats --  dog-hamburgers on the grill and special doggy-cones at our neighborhood ice cream parlor. 


Jenny enjoyed all the special attention (and JoJo loved tagging along for the fun).

But it go me thinking . . . 

Ten years . . . they go by in the blink of an eye.

(But in dog years???  Even faster!)

The summer we got Jenny - as an 8-week-old pup - Erin had just graduated from high school,

DSC00048 copy

and Brian was a gawky high school freshman!

2007 new pup 2 copy

We had recently lost our 14-year-old German Shepherd, Jake, and were all still grieving when Jenny came along to fill the hole in our lives (and hearts).

She fit right in to our family, and quickly became a beloved member of our "pack."

IMG_2300 copy

She's been very healthy and low-maintenance -- except for her two "knee replacement" surgeries, of course.  But those surgeries were totally worth it -- as she now has "bionic knees" and shows no signs of arthritis.  (She's in for the long haul.)

IMG_0043 (1) copy

It took awhile, but she's (pretty much) forgiven us for bringing JoJo into her life 4 years ago.

IMG_2258 copy

Even though Jenny is quite a diva about the whole thing, she and JoJo get along well and seem to enjoy sharing the same space.

IMG_2931_2 copy

There's some healthy rivalry there, sure.  JoJo's youthful exuberance drives Jenny crazy sometimes . . . but there is no doubt, really, about who is boss.

IMG_2867 copy

Happy birthday, Jenny . . . our Decade Dog!



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Such a sweet post, and such a lucky pup! I'm glad you celebrated her big day in style. :-)


Happy, healthy, and very loved - Jenny landed with the perfect family for her! Wishing her a very Happy Birthday and loads more love and fun in the coming years.

Cheryl S.

Happy birthday to Jenny!


Happy Birthday Jenny! And I can't believe that JoJo has been with you 4 years already! (But then again...Boone will turn 4!) Happy Marathon Day! Tell more time!

Kim in Oregon

What a great way to start a Monday---adorable dog pictures. Much love and puppy kisses from my own Pilot and Comet dogs.


What a sweetie! Happy Birthday Jenny!!!


Thanks for sharing these wonderful family photos. As much as I love dogs (Happy Birthday, Jenny!) I particularly enjoyed the one of all the women in your family. You all seem to have the same warm smile.


Happy 10th birthday, Jenny and happy 10th anniversity to her humans!


Aw. Happy Birthday, Jenny!!


Happy Birthday, Jenny! How wonderful to have such a lovely family to care for you! Milk your special day for a week of treats!


Aww, nice one! Pets are the best.


Happy Birthday Jenny! I love Margene's sentiment - have a feeling that's happening anyway ;-)


Aww! Happy Birthday, dear Jenny! I would say that all have been enriched by her presence!


Your dogs are two of the reasons I love your blog!

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