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Checking In . . . #The100DayProject

Earlier this week (April 4 to be exact), #The100DayProject launched . . . with me, on board.


What IS #The100DayProject, exactly?  Well, according to the organizers, it's a free, global art project that anyone can participate in.  (And it's not too late --- you can join in anytime.)  It's just a project . . . to spur creativity on a daily basis.  To bring more art to the world.  Any kind of art!  There are no complicated prompts to follow or "rules" or guidelines.  

Just pick what you want to work on.

Post your photos on Instagram.

And . . . begin!


I knew I was going to sign up for the project right away.

The picking what I wanted to work on, though?  That was the hard part!


Because, you see, I'm a dabbler.

I "do" something creative pretty much every day.  But I'm all over the place!  There's knitting, sure.  And gardening.  I take a lot of photos.  I draw.  I'm learning watercolor.  I stitch.  I sew.  I play around with collage.  I write a bit.  I read poetry.

It's . . . there.  But it's really compartmentalized!

I often wonder . . . is there any way to pull these things together????


I'm not sure.

(But I've got 97 more days to find out.)






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I'm curious to see what unfolds for you - I'll be watching!! Love the throw/blanket/whatever on the back of the chair (1st photo) - did you make that????


I know what ever you do it will be terrific and I can't wait to see! xo


Oh yes! It will be exciting to see what happens here... how it all comes together for you!!


Diversity is good and as long as you love all of the things you do I think it's great!


I love your take on this and I look forward to seeing how you put it all together! (Which I am positive will be incredible!!)

Lisa Gordon

This sounds very doable, and like lots of fun. :-)
Thank you for sharing!


Isn't it wonderful to have so many interests (and talents)!? I never could understand someone just sitting without something in their hands. One thing to realize is that we are all artists (of one sort or another) even if we just dabble and play! Good work, Kym. I'm looking forward to your journey of creation!


My interests are fairly compartmentalized, so you're opening up some new ways for me to think about things. I'm excited to see where this journey takes you!


I'm having a great time with the project so far, too - now 94 more days to go (and yikes, can you believe that takes us to July?! wow)

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