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Bloomin' Friday

Spring is here, that's for sure.


But it's that one-step-forward-two-steps-back kind of Spring.

Teasing, fickle Spring.

A warm and 75ºF day . . . followed by a few (too many) chilly, dreary, rainy days.



I'm just not very patient.

But my garden is letting me know that it won't be long now.  Leaves are beginning to emerge.  My daffodils are blooming.  I have "lawn violets" and dandelions feeding the bees in my yard.

What else is going on in my garden?

Well, I'm eagerly watching my little redbud.  Maybe blooms next week?


And my grape hyacinths (at least the ones in the West-facing beds) are beginning to pop.


And the first blooms are emerging on my star magnolia tree -- with the promise of many more to come.


Right now, though?  It's the hellebores that are the real stars of the show in my garden!


Hard working.  Super showy.  Loaded with buds.

Best of all?  The deer won't touch 'em!


And, just to keep me smiling, the hops are suddenly up . . . and spreading fast.  Ready to take over the world!


Here we go!  Just like that . . . it's gardening season again.



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We have yet to even hit 60 degrees for more than a few minutes but your photos are just the motivation I need to pull on a fresh pair of gardening gloves and do some digging in my garden today.


Our lilies are popping but that's about it right now. Looks like there will be weather for outside work this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend and Easter Kym! xo


Tulips, grape hyacinths, crabapple blossoms, apple blossoms, chives, rhubarb and more--oh my! Our gardens are a lot like relationships, rewarding but also heartbreak potential! Happy Easter to you.


Hooray for Bloomin' Friday! I love the greening of the earth that happens at this time of year.


You've got a great assortment of plants getting ready for early spring (and it's about time)! I will have to think about planting hellebores this year. I've always thought my grape hyacinths were safe, but the deer chewed every single bloom off the foliage last weekend. If only they ate maple seedlings; I've got thousands of them taking root in my beds. Wishing you a great gardening season!


I love blooming Friday!! Those hellebore! Wow!


I'm not very patient, either. Yesterday was 80 and sunny, today is 55 and cloudy. ugh
I love your hellebores and your star magnolia. They're amazing beautiful blossoms.


the hellebores are stunning, but my heart is with the star magnolia (and the red bud - ours our full-leaved hearts now!) I know it's not much fun for y'all to have to wait so long for spring, but I love that it takes a full three months for the season to come and go across my feed reader!


YAHOO!! Thanks to you I checked my lilac bush today... SO HAPPY to see those tiny little buds. I sure would like some consistency in the weather, too!


Lawn violets making purple splotches,
Bright new colors on flowers to draw our sight,
Weeping chartreuse on the willow,
And blue birds to sing a sweet song.
Spring ON.


My crocuses looked a bit bedraggled after the snow last Tuesday, but they seem to have revived. Next up: daffodils!

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