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Words on Wednesday: Poetry

Around and Around

(To set the tone, click here for my project soundtrack.)

I've got a song
I ain't got no melody


Last month, I decided to jumpstart my knitting (which had sort of . . . faded . . . of late) by adding some fresh tricks to my repertoire.  I joined A Year of Techniques (because there's always something new to learn) and decided to bring some (ahem. . . ) balance to my knitting.

While I don't plan to try each new technique on a monthly basis (my life is just too full for that - and I don't need any pressure to keep up), I do think I'll really enjoy learning some new tricks.

I've got a dance
I ain't got no steps, no


I really enjoyed learning the helical stripes technique.  Simple.  Fun.  And it made so much sense once I got going that I can't believe I never figured it out for myself.  (But I didn't.)

My mitts are very "fraternal," although I did force things a bit to get the cuffs to be all in "dark" shades.

Will it go round in circles
Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky


I was happy to switch out these mitts for my garden gloves yesterday, and pack them away for another season.  

(Ravely details here.)




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Those fraternal mitts are so much fun! I need to jump on the bandwagon and learn that technique - it looks so cool. But, yes, yay for packing them away and bringing out the lighter gardening gloves. The season is upon us!!!


You chose the perfect soundtrack for these lovely mitts! The fraternal-ness looks great, and I think learning a new trick can only help with balance. (Along with the round and round meditativeness!)


Your mitts are great and I like the fraternal look!


Your mitts are even less "matchy" than mine -- I like them. Did you do the intarsia project for April? I chose to skip that one. I got pretty good at that back in the late 80's / early '90's when I was knitting for my kids.


A year of techniques--can't decide between being intimidated or ready to plunge right in. I love the mitts, so the answer needs to be jump in. You are the master of trying new and interesting things.


Loved the background...need to get up n dance! Good for you with your knitting and gardening and this post!


Love them!! They're fun to wear, too... but garden gloves are WAY BETTER! ;)


Good for you! I haven't tried this striping thing yet but I plan to give it a go.


fun! and gardening gloves are even better!!


Your mitts look fantastic. I have yarn and hope to give this technique a try soon! Enjoy your garden gloves and I hope you don't need your mitts until much later in the year!


I love them! Especially their fraternalness!


I especially like the line in that song, "Let the bad guy win every once in a while." Have you seen the YoutTube of Hugh Laurie singing it? Also great.

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