Spring Breaking
Sometimes Mondays . . .

A Bit of Pampering

I have returned from my visit to Pittsburgh.

This time, my trip didn't include any sightseeing.  No trips to gardens.  No pilgrimages to special restaurants or brew pubs.  No shows.  Nothing fancy.

Just . . . a bit of pampering!

Erin, as you may recall from earlier posts, is in the Technical Writing graduate program at Carnegie Mellon University.  This program is intense, highly competitive, and quite grueling.  Erin, who works really hard and has Very High Standards for herself, really needed a good rest and some restorative time during her spring break.

Mom to the rescue!

My strategy was to just . . . keep things low-key.

We did some shopping.  (Baby needs a new interview suit. . . )  (And a new pair of shoes, too.)


We enjoyed an indulgent spa day.  (Massages and facials, all around!)


We ate out a few times -- and I also cooked a Mom-dinner in Erin's kitchen.


We had a great time playing with Erin and Keith's silly kitty, Dash. 


There was a whole lot of kicking back and just relaxing.  I even pampered myself -- with some wine and stitching (both knitting and Alabama Chanin) -- back in my hotel room every night.  (Gotta love my hotel wine glass!)


And . . . a special bonus!  While Erin spent some much-deserved sleeping-in time, I met someone very special for a coffee date!


Kat (yeah . . . THAT Kat) and I spent hours and hours chatting and catching up and even getting a bit riled up together at a Starbucks somewhat-near downtown Pittsburgh.  

Time flew!

I can attest that her incredible daily stitching project is even MORE awesome up-close-and-personal than it is on Instagram (and it's pretty dang awesome on Instagram).  I think Kat knit a few stitches while we were together, but my bag-of-sock just sat there on the table for the entirety of our visit.

As always, it's wonderful to meet a blog-friend in real life . . .


My time in Pittsburgh was perfect.  Restful and relaxing -- with plenty of pampering.





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What a great spring break! Time with your daughter - lucky the two of you- and massages and shopping and a meet-up, close and personal with Kat! Yeah, that Kat!

Thank you for sharing your very great spring break! it warmed my heart!


Love this!! So glad you were able to spend some good, relaxing, pampering time with Erin! Your visit with Kat sounds delightful!!


Sightseeing and gardens are great, but I also love the low-key, hanging-out visits. Grad students absolutely need some relaxation time and Moms definitely deserve pampering, so I'm glad you and Erin could do it together. And to meet Kat in person makes it practically perfect in every way!

Cheryl S.



Erin has such a sweet smile. And, you did a great job of giving her plenty to smile about!


What a great week you had! Glad it all worked out for you. A pampering day is always wonderful (love a massage!!). Your daughter is so pretty. How nice that you and Kat got to meet up - what fun! Enjoy your weekend.


Coffee and conversation were wonderful!! And, it looks like the remainder of your visit was stellar! (And, hotel wine glasses FTW!) XO


Sounds like a fabulous time, I'm glad you got to visit with Erin and I'm very jealous of your visit with Kat! Welcome back to the blog. I missed you.


How wonderful you got to pamper Erin and yourself! AND, see Kat! AND, her stitching! You know I'd like to see it in person, as it is so incredibly awesome on Instagram.


Sounds perfect! And I'm jealous you got to hang out with Kat!

I'm glad you had a good trip. Pittsburgh is the best. We were hoping to head home this weekend for St. Paddy's Day, but neither one of us could get time off work, so we're doing our best here at the other end of the state. :-)

I hope your visit helped Erin enjoy her break even more.


What a wonderful visit! I know Erin loved having you (no one pampers like a mama) and what a bonus to meet Kat IRL. Hope to get up there myself...someday!


Welcome home and what a wonderful time you all must have had. It's so good to see our kids huh? And...you said it...it is always wonderful to meet a blog friend IRL!

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