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Three Things on a Thursday

(Although I fully support Think Write Thursday, there are some weeks when the topic doesn't quite work for me.  Sometimes it's a challenging topic that I just don't have the time to thoughtfully consider, sometimes I lose steam, and sometimes I am just not in a creative mood.  For those weeks, I rely on my old stand-by: Three Things on a Thursday.  Please do check out today's Think Write Thursday posts here.)


Thing One:

Ugh.  That photo is my garden in March.  So bare.  So brown.  So quiet.  (But no snow this year, so that's a bonus!)  Yesterday, the winds just howled here all day long, whipping up the long grasses Tom cut down and neatly stacked a few weeks ago (waiting for our yard waste company to begin its pick-up service again next month).  Yesterday, in the wind, the grass clippings were just flying around the yard, and lots of them ended up on the patio.  What a mess.  (And they also kicked up my allergies - because I am allergic to grass.)

Thing Two:

I am now deep into Week Two With No Knitting.  Nothing on my needles.  No inspiration.  Not really missing it.  My knitting-mojo has definitely left the building!  I am working away on an Alabama Chanin stitching project, though.  And painting.  So it's not like my hands are still.  But . . . I don't think I've taken this long a break from knitting in . . . years!

Thing Three:

The Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction long list was announced yesterday.  (You can find it here.)  I always look forward to this book list.  It serves as my reading inspiration for the rest of the year, as I challenge myself to read all the long list books.  (I've never completely succeeded, but I usually come close.)   This year, I've already read one of the books on the list (Do Not Say We Have Nothing by Madeleine Thien) . . . so 15 to go!

Enjoy your Thursday!