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Three Things on a Thursday

(Although I fully support Think Write Thursday, there are some weeks when the topic doesn't quite work for me.  Sometimes it's a challenging topic that I just don't have the time to thoughtfully consider, sometimes I lose steam, and sometimes I am just not in a creative mood.  For those weeks, I rely on my old stand-by: Three Things on a Thursday.  Please do check out today's Think Write Thursday posts here.)


Thing One:

Ugh.  That photo is my garden in March.  So bare.  So brown.  So quiet.  (But no snow this year, so that's a bonus!)  Yesterday, the winds just howled here all day long, whipping up the long grasses Tom cut down and neatly stacked a few weeks ago (waiting for our yard waste company to begin its pick-up service again next month).  Yesterday, in the wind, the grass clippings were just flying around the yard, and lots of them ended up on the patio.  What a mess.  (And they also kicked up my allergies - because I am allergic to grass.)

Thing Two:

I am now deep into Week Two With No Knitting.  Nothing on my needles.  No inspiration.  Not really missing it.  My knitting-mojo has definitely left the building!  I am working away on an Alabama Chanin stitching project, though.  And painting.  So it's not like my hands are still.  But . . . I don't think I've taken this long a break from knitting in . . . years!

Thing Three:

The Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction long list was announced yesterday.  (You can find it here.)  I always look forward to this book list.  It serves as my reading inspiration for the rest of the year, as I challenge myself to read all the long list books.  (I've never completely succeeded, but I usually come close.)   This year, I've already read one of the books on the list (Do Not Say We Have Nothing by Madeleine Thien) . . . so 15 to go!

Enjoy your Thursday!


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Oh the winds are not letting up! All night they howled. Beautiful days yesterday and today...but snow forecast for tonight....up and down and up and down we go.

I want to see pictures of your Alabama Chanin stitching project!! I loved seeing Vicki's last year.

And thanks for the link to the Baileys list. I had not heard of that before. Some of them look really good. I did start "Barkskins" by Annie Proulx, but I just couldn't get into it. I loved "Shipping News" but "Barkskins" just didn't do anything for me.


You have quite a bit going wonder you're not knitting! I love your motivation regarding that reading me it would be daunting!


Thanks for the link to the list. Like Vera I tried reading Barkskins but - ugh. So should I (ahem Dale) cut down the tall grasses now? I always leave them for the winter (because you told me to) but is it time? I'm sure your knitting mojo will be back soon, you just need to spend some time on Ravelry!


The wind finally died down late yesterday! And now cold. ;)

My knitting time has been very limited, but I've begun MDK's AYoT and am in love with helical stripes!!


We had an especially windy day yesterday. Today it's supposed to be in the high 60s, and then tomorrow snow and low 30s.

Thanks for sharing the book list - I can't wait to really check it out!


thanks for the link to this list - always looking for recommendations


No knitting doesn't mean no creativity or craft, and it will be interesting to see what this respite leads to. Whether it's a renewed interest in knitting or no knitting, it may not be a bad thing to do more sewing, painting, whatever! I wondered where all the new books on your gr list came from, so thanks for the link to the Women's Prize. I am headed there now to add some books to my own list!


We've had the wind and it's wicked. It snowed Friday and we had a cold weekend, but now we're heading towards the 60s. I hope you get a some of this warm air. I am excited about the helical stripes,too. First I need to knit my second sock (and buy yarn). Your painting and an AC project sound lovely. No reason to knit if you're following other creative pursuits. My AC Tee is next to my chair and it's been talking to me lately. There is just TOO much I WANT to do during my rare evenings at home. I too am very excited about the Bailey's list. What's first for you? I'm dying to read The Essex Serpent.


Is there some anti-knitting virus going around. I just finally finished making a cowl, but it took FOREVER. Maybe we need snow to ignite our knitting mojo?

P.S. Thanks for the reading list!


your backyard looks better than mine :-) I saw the Baileys long list this morning and was ... a bit daunted that I recognized so few of the titles. Maybe holding out for the shortlist? (and I wouldn't sweat the knitting mojo - it will return when it's time ... and meanwhile as long as your hands are busy who cares?!)


I have two words for your knitting mojo - Helical Stripes. Get thee over to MDK and get a Zauberball and cast on! You will be so glad you did!

Also, that list! Thank you for sharing! You are such a good reader friend! XOXO

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