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The Weekly Eye Roll

Last Tuesday, my schedule got a little messed up.  I ended up going to the gym at a completely different time of day from normal -- several hours past my usual Pilates class.  So I worked on the weight floor for a while.

It was there . . . that the idea for a new blog feature was born!

Yes.  Let me introduce you to . . . The Weekly Eye Roll.*



Last Tuesday, I was using the weight machines at my gym for an upper body strength workout.  The gym was pretty quiet - it being early afternoon and all.  But there are always Those Guys in the weight area.  And, if you spend any time at the gym, you probably know just who I'm talking about.

The Meathead Guys.  (And the Meathead Wannabes.)  (And sometimes their Groupies.)


I was working my way through the machines, and listening to an audiobook on my iPod.  Targeting my deltoids . . . and lats . . . and biceps-triceps-chest.  Doing shoulder presses and rows and curls. (Even pull ups.)  When I noticed two guys . . . about my age . . . looking, well, a little too into themselves (if you know what I mean) using the same machines as me, but a little frenetically.  As in . . . talking broadcasting to each other while quickly moving from machine to machine.

I mean, I could hear these guys broadcasting OVER the audiobook I was listening to.  (They were so distracting I actually had to give up on listening to my book.)

Then, I noticed that one of the guys was a "Grunter." Yeah.  One of those.  He grunted - loud and ostentatiously - with EVERY movement.  Every. Single. Movement.

Bicep curl . . . UHHHHHH.

Bicep curl . . . UHHHHHHHH.

Bicep curl . . . UHHHHHHHHHHH.

And then, he would throw down the grip portion of the weight machine, with his weights crashing (to loud and dramatic effect) and pace around . . . like it was some sort of Olympic effort.  A total show.

Over and over and over again.

So tiresome.

So tedious.

So stupid.


Really, guy?


What is that even about?????

(What I really, truly wanted to do?  Go over and tell the guy, "If it's that hard for you, maybe you should use lighter weights.  And do fewer reps.")

(But I didn't.)

(I'm hoping he noticed my eye rolls, though.)

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!


* Which probably won't actually be weekly.  Just sayin.