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Right In My Own Backyard

Last Saturday night, our dogs went a bit crazy with excitement.  I mean . . . like turning themselves inside-out with their barking.

It was a total Sound The Alarm thing going on.

Turns out, it was this:


Three deer.  Scoping out the garden bed (where the hosta-salad-bowl will appear soon).

They just sauntered, leisurely, about the yard.

They couldn't care less about the dogs -- apoplectic -- up in the house.


I know most people (and gardeners especially) consider deer to be a nuisance.  But I love seeing them close up!  I love sharing my neighborhood and my landscape with deer and hawks and squirrels and rabbits and snakes and toads and songbirds and woodchucks and chipmunks and possums.

When I was a child, growing up in suburban 1960s America, I never saw any of these creatures.  (Well . . . maybe a gopher or two . . .)  We never had birds.  I only saw deer at deer parks.  Our garden had no toads or snakes or possums.  A hawk or an eagle?  Unthinkable!


You know what I say?


Thanks for cleaning up our environment -- and creating a world where I can enjoy wildlife. . . right in my own backyard.


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And thanks to gardeners for planting bountiful and delicious food for wildlife! I'm grateful to our deer for keeping my ivy pruned naturally, but haven't yet come around to welcoming the skunks. :-)


So cool that you saw them, Dale will be jealous when he sees this post. I think part of the reason we see deer more now is our encroachment into their habitat.


They are so sweet, aren't they? I love when they come into our backyard to dine on our apples. I do wish they would leave the hostas alone though. Like you, I enjoy all the creatures (well, except for snakes...I definitely do NOT enjoy them).


Lovely nod to the wonders that the EPA has done. They are lovely - we see them frequently in our neighborhood as well as hawks, birds, squirrels, bunnies, and yes even snakes (much to my horror!) Great photos!


I loved that you thanked the EPA. There is so much moaning and groaning about guvment it's easy to forget the very real,accomplishments. Deer always seem like the most gentle creatures ever!


We had a herd of 5 go through the yard the other day and we never see them! And we saw an eagle at the lake two days in a row! EPA all the way! Protect, protect, protect!


WhAt a beautiful neighborhood! That is a nice collection of deer you have awaiting the hosta buffet. I do have a bit of a love / hate relationship with my deer guests. They are lovely animals with cute babies, but when my daisies bloom a month later than usual I do object.


You live in a vibrant wildlife area and you have a lovely yard the wildlife would enjoy. The EPA saved so many animals and mankind as well. May they continue the fight!


I love that you enjoy seeing the deer - I really get tired of people always complaining about them!

Julia in KW

Lovely neighbourhood and pictures of your four-footed neighbours!


Our neighborhood feels overrun with deer right now ... and soon we'll have babies, too. But you're right, it's a blessing to live side by side with ALL the creatures.


One of my favorite things! I've had as many as 8 or 9 bedding down in the ravine. Sometimes they come walking up the path along the side of the house.


Our dogs would bark themselves into strokes if a deer appeared. I base this on their response to a leaf falling in the neighbor's yard.

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