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Out and About

Last Friday, we had the first day that's really felt like spring (well . . . since February . . . ), so I decided to take the dogs for a trail walk.

Let's just say . . . 



Although I take them out for a neighborhood walk nearly every day (which they love), our routes are completely "old hat" by now.  There just aren't very many surprises or curiousities on our walks in the neighborhood, y'know?

So they loved getting out in the woods.  On a trail.  With millions of fresh smells!  (Oh, happy day.)

It was great to be out, enjoying a beautiful spring day in the sunshine.  


We went to Asylum Lake,* which is only about a 10 minute drive from my house.  There is a trail that loops about 2.6 miles, past the lake, beside a little stream, and through a meadow.


It's very nice -- and especially with the dogs.  They really do love getting out and exploring -- although it was hard to keep them out of the water.  (Jenny plunged right into the creek, pulling JoJo -- and almost me, too -- with her.)

Best of all?  Lovely weather -- with sunshine and warm temperatures.

IMG_4792 2

There really wasn't any evidence of "spring" quite yet in the woods, but soon.  Very soon, I'm sure.


For now, it was great to just be . . . out and about . . . with my very happy dogs!


*  Asylum Lake is located on the former grounds of the Michigan State Asylum (yeah . . . ), now part of the Western Michigan University campus.


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Asylum Lake looks like a great place to look for spring with the pups! The perfect trail length, new scenery, and I bet that there will be visible shades of green in the woods in a few weeks (and maybe even frog eggs or tadpoles in the stream). Thanks for sharing your day in the warming sunshine!


What a wonderful place to walk around! And it looks like there were two very happy pups who were more than ready to sniff and explore. It's so nice to have a chance to do something like that on a nice day.


That sounds like a great trail and just the right length for a nice walk for you and the dogs. No sign of spring here yet!


That looks like a wonderful place for a walk! Glad you had some warmer temps to get out. We are still in roller coaster world here in Eastern PA -- 72 on Saturday and barely 40 on Sunday. Everybody is getting sick!!


Doggies love new scents! I can't even imagine what all the smell! We're still in a spring shower phase. Ir looks like we'll have no sun for days and days. le sigh


That looks like a wonderful place for a walk with the Js! Our weekend was the definition of DREARY.


What's with dogs and water--they just can't stay away from it! The scenery on that trail is really nice.


I was so excited to see Marsh Marigolds on our walk/run yesterday!! Signs of spring are so welcome! I bet the dogs loved being out there - it is gorgeous!


Holly and I (and Charlie) stayed close to home today ... nothing more exciting than deer poop (for Holly and Charlie) -but this afternoon Charlie and I went to the park and it was wonderful to see it greening up and hear the birds and children on the playground, batting practice, walkers/runners on the trail. Sounds of spring for sure!

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