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Morning Ritual . . . Now With Added Tail-Wagging

A couple of years ago, I added meditation to my daily morning ritual.  I discovered that meditation was a powerful tool for me; that it helped me feel centered and prepared to meet the day.

But then . . . last year . . . lots of my regular habits and rituals started to unravel.  Including my budding meditation practice.  (Like I've mentioned before . . . I lost my balance last year.)


I decided to use last month's One Little Word challenge (to develop a new habit or activity) as an opportunity to put meditation back into my daily morning ritual; to get myself back in balance.


With a few exceptions, my focus on daily meditation was a great success, and the practice is now rooted in my morning ritual.

IMG_4453 2

I've discovered a few things along the way.

  • If I let the morning get away without meditation, it's much harder for me to find a way to fold it into my day later.  (Those days I missed?  It's because my morning was crazier than normal that day.)
  • It helps to have a designated place for meditation -- and a signal to let Tom know I'm meditating and not to disturb me.  (I close the door - and then Tom remembers that I'm meditating.)
  • I really like having a candle burning . . . even though I tend to close my eyes during meditation.
  • Soft, gentle music playing in the background helps me stay focused.
  • No distractions allowed.  No phone.  No Tom.  No dogs.

But wait a minute.

No dogs???

While Tom understands that a closed door means Do Not Disturb . . . the dogs?  Not so much.  They sit on the other side of the closed door and try to get in.  Loudly.  Distractingly.  (And sort of pathetically.)

After several days of trying to keep them out, I decided to give in and let them come in with me for daily meditation.


We begin the ritual with some petting and tail-wagging.  Maybe a dog-kiss or two.  And then we all settle into our places.  JoJo usually to my right, and Jenny right behind me.

Turns out my daily meditation practice is enhanced with dogs.  And I think this is really okay.  Because, for me, interacting with my dogs is a great way to get into a more mindful state of being.

And I think they like it, too!


Have a great weekend!



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Although I'm petless now , my Max, the cat, brought a peacefully cadence to my life. I can see how the dogs would definitely provide that quiet presence during your meditation. Definitely beats pawing and whining at the closed door.


I struggle mightily with my attempts at forming a meditation habit, and I think part of it is because I let myself get derailed by interruptions and distractions. I love how you've embraced yours (literally) and now you're all being mindful together!


Two lucky pups. I'll bet they come to expect it now! (Good for keeping you on track!)


Great idea! Pets can have such a calming influence on us. Daily meditation is something I would like to do.


Oh I am so incredibly jealous reading this! How could meditation NOT be better with pups???


So smart to let them be part of your practice. Our animals have a good sense of what's going on and know how to react positively.


Meditation with dogs. Love it!


This post actually brought tears to my eyes. Mindful moments with some doggy kisses and wiggling tails are the best start to any day. Sherman enjoys my meditative moments and his measured breathing helps keep me centered (a good thing that pugs are such loud breathers! LOL) Thank you for sharing this incredibly lovely routine! XO


If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Mason often sits in my lap while I meditate and I think it's very nice. My preference is to meditate in the morning, too, but some times it just doesn't happen so I make sure I fit it in somewhere, even if it's just 5 minutes in my office at work.


That's so great! I really should learn to meditate; I bet it would help with all sorts of things!


It appears that I got interupteded when planning to comment. Love that the dogs are welcome at meditation time. I believe that dogs are very zen!

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

This is so great! A few years ago I tried to do daily yoga at home for JUST 15 min a day for my peace of mind- but the dog just always got into it or whined behind a door so I gave up. Maybe I should follow your lead and try again.


Excellent post! What a great way to be in the moment, Kym.


Holly frequently comes to visit when I'm in my study for "early morning time". This post makes me think I should just take her with me. Her presence in my lap makes us both feel warm and comfortable. I'm gonna try it! (thank you for the suggestion and I am envious of your new habit!)


I love this! Dogs make everything better.


Love this story! Dogs rule! I really should meditate. I know it is powerful. But the very idea makes me squirm. However, I love the idea of walking a labyrinth. And keep meaning to locate one that I can visit once a week if possible, but keep forgetting. Maybe your post will push me to try harder. Your candle picture is a strong visual reminder. Thanks, Kim!


Oh my goodness, I love this!!

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