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The windows in my house, for the most part, don't have window coverings.  Some are bare; while some just have light, woven blinds.

Because we live on a hill and, for the most part, neighbors and passersby can't see in.

Because I like a lot of light.

Because I like to look out.

But there's one window I don't really use much.  It looks out over the north side of my house, from high up ("3rd floor" - counting the walkout basement on that side of the house).

It used to be Brian's room.  Now it's my "art room" -- where I paint and draw and (pretty much) store all my art supplies.

The view?


My "backyard" (delineated by the fence) is an L-shape.  This view represents the short side of the L.  (The patio and my pergola and most of my garden beds are on the other side of the house -- the long side of the L.)  You can also see my neighbors' driveway.  And the street - if you look through the trees.

It's kind of a bird's eye view.

If you remember past blog posts . . . of my garden . . . that corner (that really dead-looking corner) is the newest area of my garden, and it looks pretty good when things get going.  But now?  Not so much.


When I look down on my yard from this window at this time of year, I can't help thinking about my garden and mentally creating a list of things I want to do back there. . . 

  • pruning the beautyberry down to the ground
  • figuring out what to do where the trees were cut down last fall (victims of diplodia tip blight)
  • transplanting the hostas from the front yard side of the fence to the backyard side of the fence (so the deer have less chance of munching them)
  • is there any way to create a labyrinth for walking? (probably not, because the hill is pretty steep back there)
  • maybe this is the year to finally decide on steps down the hill?


I've also decided I need to look out this window more often - especially as my garden comes to life.  Because having a bird's eye view gives an interesting perspective.  (And I can't wait to see my little redbud in the corner . . . blooming . . . from way up here!)


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This is an interesting bird's eye view, and one that I would like to see again as the seasons change, and to see what you change. The redbud blooming is a beautiful thing to look forward to and I'm excited for all the wonderful possibilities you have back there!


What a great view! I am doing the same thing - planning and plotting my gardens and wishing for warmer weather. Hope you will post pictures as your garden comes to life.


Oh, the redbud. There are a couple of redbuds in my mother's ravine/wildflower garden, upon which we also look down, and they are unreal when they bloom... airy, floaty, ethereal. I hope you'll share more photos of your view and things come alive and/or change.


I have a similar need to refocus on my rear/backyard this spring/summer...thanks for the peek at your. Space ...and the ideas. Look fwd to seeing more as the seasons progress.



Love your bird's eye view. And redbuds! So pretty. A labyrinth would be amazing...but you are right that it would most likely be difficult to create on such a slope. Can't wait to see updated pictures and the year progresses.


I love that I know exactly what that view looks like in person. Your view and my view are making me think maybe we need to revisit this topic seasonally.


I love a birds eye view! There's just something magical about it that makes one feel like an empress!


I thankful that we, too, have few window coverings.
I love the light and the openness,
Living in a cave is not for me.

If weren't for the stairs I'd love to live in a multi-storied home. :)


Dreaming of gardens -- delightful!


I love this birds eye view! And, garden pondering is the most pleasing task... oh, and I can't wait to see your redbud bloom too!


What a lovely back yard, I bet the garden is gorgeous.


That's a great view ... and I look forward to seeing it in the Spring and Summer. Your gardening plans sound wonderful.


you have beautiful views and I love your garden!! so welcoming :)


What a great place to watch spring bring your garden to life! Redbuds may be my favorite tree of all spring bloomers!

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