Thoughts on Maintaining a Peaceful Heart While Becoming An Activist
Not Quite Right


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Justin did some work with a whitetail research group from Texas A&M, and they found that adult whitetail deer can jump a fence 15 feet high. Sorry :-(


Such elegance and grace! THAT has made my morning, thank-you! (Sorry 'bout those hostas!)


Did your dogs see them?

I'm sure our cats would have been apopleptic! (too lazy to check the correct spelling, sorry)

They are so graceful going over the fence, like they are getting points in an Olympic competition. :-)


White tailed rats. ~grumble, grumble. Those were some BOLD deer.... I'm surprised your dogs don't keep them away. My neighbor's labs used to keep them out of our yard..... now we spray deer away to save my plants and they will just walk right past my hosta to nibble in the neighbors yard.


They make it look so easy, don't they? They are all over here too, like big squirrels! Haha! Those J-Pups have some work cut out for them!


Once they decided to go it was quite an elegant exit. Is their any way to keep them away (besides letting the dogs out)?


Wow. I wish I could jump a fence like that! Great video, nice work Tom.


Oh so graceful! I do love seeing them...don't like them nibbling our plants though. Our cats have always wandered among the deer - neither one seems to mind the other which I find interesting. However, our neighbor's dog is another thing entirely!


We have deer (and elk!) in our yard. I spray my hostas with something that smells very strongly like urine (once it's dry I can't smell it but I guess they can). The animals are so pretty but so destructive...why can't they eat all the blackberry vines that threaten to take over every year?


I have heard that having two fences a few feet apart will keep out deer, but those deer look like they could jump ANYTHING. Thanks, Tom, for the great video!


Effortless... darn things!


Blood meal and well rotted carnivore manure can work wonders to protect your plants. At least until it snows leaving the tops of the plant exposed. Though it worked out well for me at least once. The rabbits trimmed my leeks when it was in the teens outside so that I never had to go out in the cold. Good compromise in my mind and the leeks where great come spring.


Ha! loved the commentary, too, from Tom!

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