Morning Ritual . . . Now With Added Tail-Wagging
Right In My Own Backyard

Off Script

" Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you."
                                                                                --- Anne Lamott

I had one of those weekends with lots of plans.  You know.  To get things done around the house.  To catch up.  To make things right.



I kind of went . . . off the script.


I unplugged.


I focused on comfort.


Hopefully, I'll work again this morning.  (When I plug myself back in!)



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Sounds pretty good to me and seems like we all changed plans this weekend to do no much of anything. It's perfectly acceptable in my book!


Good for you! We all need to learn to do this once in awhile. Good luck getting plugged back in today.


Very important that do nothing thing. Good for the soul. xo

Cheryl S.

I'm still looking for the rum in that banana bread. Although I'd actually prefer the wine or some whiskey. Great way to spend the day, and I love that afghan.


Time to recharge yourself is so important and listening to our own needs in order to move forward is crucial. The banana bread looks awesome!


Good for you! I hope you are feeling refreshed & renewed today!


Hurrah for unplugging! I have unplugged from non stop news (thanks to your post about limiting ones exposure) and it feels terrific. The cauliflower looks delicious--is it a special recipe?


I love all these photos and the much-needed unplugging, warmth, and comfort they show. Plus Cheryl now has me thinking about how good rum would be in banana bread. :-)


Ahh... a good book, a puppy at your feet, great food and wine! Sounds like a delightful weekend! Here's to unplugging every now and then.


Here is to unplugging - it is the best thing ever. XO


Unplugging with One Man's Meat sounds like the perfect way to spend a weekend. especially if there are dogs and nice wine to accompany. I'm betting you worked even better when you plugged back in ;-) (also, looking forward to Anne's new book, due out next month.)


That looks like a wonderful way to spend a weekend and recharge.

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