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If you've been reading along here for a while, you know that I am a regular participant in Ali Edwards' One Little Word project.  I really like having a "word" to focus on each year, and I find it adds value to my personal development.

Ali, who also happens to be a storytelling-scrapbooker extraordinaire, provides monthly "thought-prompts" to help participants connect with their word through the year.  She also demonstrates some very creative and inventive techniques for creating a journal/scrapbook to document the process.

In my early years with OLW, I went along with the scrapbooking prompts, and created my yearly journals.  But after my first couple of words, I realized that . . . those cookie-cutter scrapbooks just weren't for me!  Ali totally encourages participants to do their own thing with regard to the OLW project.  She provides a lovely framework for participants, but she also celebrates those of us who totally go off the grid.

What do I do?  Well.  I'm a life-long journaler -- and after a few years of kicking around various ways to document my One Little Word, I've stumbled on to this . . . 


I create a "collection" of . . . well, things . . . that help me connect with my word for the year.   I usually begin with Ali's prompts and challenges, but my own word-exploration usually takes me in other directions, too.  Through the year, I end up finding poems and quotes and photos and journal entries and cards and drawings (etc.).  

I need to create a journal that will contain my "collection."

Every year (so far) I've done something a little bit different.  This year, for example, I started with a couple of pieces of decorated cardboard, a hole-punch, and a couple of binder rings.


Those binder rings?  Really handy!  They allow flexibility -- and plenty of room for inspiration.

My journal has heavy-duty dividers inside (even though I'm not quite sure what I'm "dividing" yet).  This month, I used Ali's prompt about creating vision boards to "decorate" the dividers in my journal.




What I love best about my OLW journal this year is the flexibility.  I can add anything I want; anything that inspires me to connect with my word - BALANCE.


It's like . . . I'm the curator of my own private collection!



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I think this is an excellent approach to making your own way with your word. I'll confess - I haven't watched any of the videos this year except for January. I have been focusing on my word and incorporating it into my regular daily journal through art and writing but I really should watch those videos to find new ways to work with my word.


Beautiful, flexible, colorful, and I love the washi tape! Your cover is stunning, as is your curated collection within. I bet it's fun to create and peruse.


What fun! I love the cover you have and the peeks inside are wonderful (love Mary Oliver). What a great way to connect with your word.


This is breathtaking! Thank you for sharing with us!


You have such creative ways of journaling. The way each page is unique, with the pictures, phrases, poems, the torn paper, and tape...it all just looks so beautiful!


Beautiful, Kym! You are so creative! I love it!


...even though I'm not quite sure what I'm "dividing" yet.

LOVE THAT!! Always open to possibilities.


Thanks for sharing your approach and take on your OLW...I like to keep my word/s forefront in my day tho' I am not as vigilant about doing the creative stuff... I do watch the videos and think a lot/apply my word in my daily doings.
The cover of your journal is gorgeous...love the embossed design.


LOVE LOVE LOVE! Kym, your binder rings and pressed cardboard are genius and the collaged dividers ... inspired. I hope you'll share some of what you put between those pages, too!


Kym, you are SO creative! Your journal for this year looks great. So much potential for exploring the balance in your life this year.

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