How They Do It
Right Now . . . March 2017

Not Quite Right

Today is my birthday.

Ever since the whole cancer thing, I really embrace and celebrate my birthday each year.  Because MORE birthdays?  That's a Good Thing! 

But . . . I'm struggling a bit with this birthday.  Not because I'm suddenly a year closer to 60.  Not because AARP keeps sending me special membership offers.  Not because my knees creak a little more each day.

It's because this is my first birthday without my Mom.

Scan 2

And I didn't quite expect this.  We always celebrated my birthday together in some way -- but not usually in a big way.  So it's not like I miss specific family traditions or annual rituals or anything.

It's just . . . without my Mom, I wouldn't have a birthday.  Yet here I am, having a birthday without my Mom.

I'm still going to do my best to embrace and enjoy and celebrate my birthday today.  But I'll be doing it with a broken heart.

It's my birthday.  But it's not quite right.