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Each year, I look for ways to "wear" my one little word.  It's a tangible way to keep my word close -- my own little "word in the wild."  And, well . . . it's fun, too.

Sometimes I find necklaces and charms that represent my word. Sometimes I find rings.  Sometimes I find bracelets that spell out my word.  

And always . . . I find a MantraBand or two (or even four!) to wear as a motivational "chant" . . . helping to keep me focused and on target with my word and my intentions for the year.


My bracelets for this year:

  • Balance
  • Live in the Moment
  • Have Courage and Be Kind
  • Alis Volat Propriis (she flies with her own wings)

These bracelents will be a perfect reminder of my intentions and my word for the year ahead -- and will blend perfectly with the bands I have already collected from years past.  (You know. . . for extra word power!)  

Do YOU have a mantra for the year?  (Because I bet there's a bracelet for it.  Just sayin.)


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My word of the year is Invest. I don't really have mantras though I have done a lot of thinking about how my projects and plans are for my future happiness.
Unfortunately my word in the wild is typically just related to money :/
Side note "she flies with her own wings" is oregon's state motto


I don't know what it is about bracelets, but they also work for me. Maybe it's that they're always visible, and there is that lovely clink as a reminder. My word presented itself when I found a forgotten bracelet with "peace" stamped inside in a knitting bag. Yours are beautiful and will help you gain and keep your balance!


My word is treasure - don't see a bracelet with this word but I am on the lookout for a way to wear my word too


I haven't gotten anything with the word PEACE on it yet - I need to get on that. Love your mantra bands and I agree that jewelry and signs are great reminders of our words.


Wonderful additions to your mantra band collection! I haven't looked yet for anything to wear about my word ... guess time's a-wastin'


Love "she flies with her own wings" and think I will get that one for my friend. It will be perfect! Love your other choices too.


I think my mantra for the year is to be nice. It's pretty easy if I put my mind to it...almost as easy as falling into that negative mode! :-) I'll have to keep my eye out for a bracelet as it's a great idea!


Oh! That is a great idea - a bodily reminder! Your bracelets are divine! XOXO


This makes me wish I had a Word... and wore jewelry other than earrings!! ;)


You are so inspiring--love to idea of wearing your best intentions.

kim in oregon

You are wearing the Motto of the State of Oregon! Have to go find one now!


I repeat Vicki's words. I have a bracelet from a couple of years ago with PEACE on it. It's a simple disc tied on with string and it is a good reminder.


I have three words: practice...complete...peace - and I suppose they form a mantra. Hadn't thought about a bracelet or bracelets but I think they would be perfect...thanks for the inspiration.

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