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February. It's the New April.

Something Shiny

Last Friday, I needed to pick up a book-ish gift for a friend, so I headed to Barnes & Noble.  
(Which is always a bit of an issue for me.)  (Because I am FAR worse in a book store than I am in a yarn store.)

I got to wandering.  
(As I do.)

And something shiny caught my eye.  
(Something shiny that I absolutely did not need and had no intentional of buying.  Especially when I saw the price tag.)


Yes.  That's a Kate Spade "rotating stamp" with pad.  (Because every handbag designer needs to wade out into the world of office supplies, non?)

And what, you may ask, caught my eye about this particular item?

Well. . . first off, I've always loved rotating stamp pads.  You know . . . the old-school ones in offices that sport "RECEIVED" or "ENTERED" or - my personal favorite - "EXPEDITE."  This one, though, had inspirational rotating phrases (the product box refers to them as "Calls to Action") that are even better than "EXPEDITE."


I was charmed.

I put it back, though. 

Because $24.95.  (Yeah.  For a rotating stamp.)  (Plus bonus mini stamp pad.)  (But still.)

After more browsing, though, I went back and picked it up.  
(You knew I would.)

Not because Kate Spade.


Not even because shiny.  (Although it is.)


Totally because Calls to Action.


All week long, I've been using my stamp everywhere!  
I especially like including the calls to action in my planner.  Little To-Do items. . .


Because doesn't everbody need to "live colorfully" on Thursday?  Or "be an elegant thinker" on Friday?  Maybe "call the shots" on Saturday? 

So.  Yeah.  It was ridiculously overpriced.

But sometimes . . . you just need to grab that shiny object and have a little fun with it!

Happy weekend.





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You always find the best and most interesting stuff! The best part is your use of it in your planner; I think those sayings would inspire and add to my happiness if I saw them every day. You have "spread the word" as I now want to run to Barnes & Noble myself!


Oh yeah, I totally NEED this! (Also, I have "mind map" on my things to think about list, too)


I love it! I'm gonna have to ask my husband if they have them in our B&N.

I use a rotating stamper every single day at work, because whenever I check in a journal, I have to use the date stamp. I am a sucker for the things too! I used to have a co-worker who said that she wished it was part of her job to stamp things ... :-)

Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy stamping!


Positivity wins every time! What a great grab...and so worth the price. Enjoy the weekend Kym!


I do believe this stamp was created for you!


Kym! This stamp was made for YOU! Every phrase is something I can hear you saying. I particularly like "be mused". lol! So fun.


Did you get the gift for your friend? (Couldn't resist). You deserve the stamp toy--it looks like something you will thoroughly enjoy!


I don't think $25 is overpriced when it is clearly bringing you so much joy!


I love it! Really, not a bad price for the happiness it brings!


What a great find! You'll get a ton of use out it making it well worth what you paid for it. :-) Wouldn't it be cool if one could customize their own?


Well, now: I have a sizable B & N gift card...thinking a trip to my local - just after I finish assembling that desk - might be in order...thanks for the tip!



Well! I think this is actually quite genius! And, you are rather brilliant for getting it! Here is to endless Calls to Action lists that bring inner joy and visual encouragement! XO

Linda Huson

I love it! I'll have to look for it when I go in there next time. Hopefully I'll have a coupon. I do have a 30% off one - maybe I should go tomorrow - ha! Because spending $116.00 on books and magazines on Tuesday - and then another $35.00 yesterday on a book and a book bag - was not enough!!

Linda in VA


How nice that Kate Spade is spreading the Old School word even into the world of office supplies.


Love your new shiny object! Perfect!!


Ha! Super shiny fun. Book stores are DANGEROUS!

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