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Thinking about this week's Think Write Thursday topic (writing about the movie we can quote the most from) was just, well, fun.  Also . . . revealing.  Because Tom and I realized just how often movie quotes fit right into our everyday conversations.  Just part of our lexicon, y'know?

I mean, how perfect is this line from Love Actually:  "Just in cases."  
It creeps into our conversations all the time here, I can tell you.

Same with this one from Best In Show:  ". . . in his mind, the judge can pick up on the telepathy."  
We use this line WAY too often - and especially when talking to each other about our dogs.  (We also go into the whole "namin' nuts" thing whenever we, well . . . say the name of a nut.  Just can't help ourselves.)


And Tom . . . with The Big Lebowski.  Oh, my.  Don't ever get him started . . . "if you're not into the whole brevity thing." 


There is one movie that stands head and shoulders above the crowds when it comes to sheer quotability for Tom and I.


Bull Durham -- a movie we have watched probably 50 times since we first saw it in the theater back in 1988.  Bull Durham is a romantic comedy sports film (now there's a genre for you!).  A minor league baseball team serves as the backdrop for a romantic triangle featuring a veteran catcher, a rookie pitcher, and a baseball groupie.  The film combines sport, philosophy, humor, and love to . . . well . . . hit it right out of the park!  (Sports Illustrated ranks this movie as the #1 sports movie of all time.)  

The movie has two charming and very well-known "monologues" that are always worth watching/listening to.  (You can watch Susan-Sarandon-as-Annie-Savoy's "Church of Baseball" speech here, and Kevin-Costner-as-Crash-Davis' "I Believe" speech here).  

There are so many great quotes in this movie that there's even a poster series!


There are really great quotes in this movie -- the kind of quotes that cover the spectrum of human existence.  Sort of . . . The Philosophy of Life, by Bull Durham.  Tom and I find ourselves using these quotes all the time:

"The world is made for people who aren't cursed with self-awareness."

"After 12 years in the minor leagues, I don't try out."

"I didn't get lured; I take responsibility for my actions."

"They're young.  Scare 'em."

"You know that that makes you?  (Larry?)  Lollygaggers!"

"I want to announce my presence with authority."

"Don't think.  Just throw."

"We're dealing with a lot of shit."

"Honey, we all deserve to wear white."

"I hit my dinger and I hung 'em up."

"It's a very simple game.  You throw the ball.  You catch the ball.  You hit the ball."

"Never fuck with a winning streak."

"Sometimes you win.  Sometimes you lose.  Sometimes it rains."


Words and wisdom - compliments of Bull Durham!


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Oooooo! More excellent movie quotes! And, movies you can quote together are the best kind!


I'm not much of a movie watcher, but I can see I've been missing out by never watching Bull Durham. "The world is made for people who aren't cursed with self-awareness" alone tells me it must be great. And I have to thank you for The Big Lebowski shirt. As soon as I saw your photo (Facebook? Instagram?) I had to order one for Ryan. I really don't get that movie at all, but Ryan loves it and the shirt. He says his students spend too much class time quoting it when he wears the shirt, and it might even figure into some extra credit on the next test.


Now I need to re-watch Bull Durham! It's been a few years. We're pretty juvenile in our house...Animal House, Ferris Bueller and Raising Arizona!


We love Bull Durham! "We're dealing with a lot of shit." slips into our life from time to time and the I Believe speech just makes my heart smile! Lollygaggers!


Ha! Now I need to re-watch that movie, too!! ;)


I'm glad to know that we are not the only people who use movie quotes regularly in conversation ...

I've never seen Bull Durham, though everyone I know loves it. But I cannot stand Susan Sarandon, so there's that.


This quoting movies has taken me by surprise. You quotes amaze me!


I loved this movie. This was so much fun!


Excellent, Kym! and I love the idea of you and Tom throwing around movie quotes ... Sara and her friends throw around Homeland quotes and I just feel ... inadequate :-)


I am not much of a movie watcher and I can see (pun intended) that I've missed a great one. I'll have to see if Norman's familiar with this one. And plan a viewing. Thanks for the encouragement.

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