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Slipped My Mind

Tom was away over the weekend - to curl in a bonspiel up in Canada.  Before he left, he reminded me, "Don't forget about the wine sale on Saturday."  (Because Tom manages our beverage inventory - and would usually hit the sale himself.)


I had every intention of stocking up at the wine sale.  But I got busy with other things.  And, well.  I missed the wine sale.  It just slipped my mind.

It wasn't until yesterday that I realized . . .
the wine sale wasn't the only thing that had slipped my mind!

Saturday - February 4 - was also the 8th anniversary of my final chemo treatment.  A Big Day.  A Red Letter Day.  A Day I usually set aside for some serious reflection and celebration.

But it slipped my mind, too.  Completely.  I never even gave it a thought.

I think that's really significant. 



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What an excellent thing to forget! (Though the reflection part is always good!) Congrats on 8 years of health. Here's to 40+ more! xo


Forgetting about the wine sale isn't a good thing but forgetting your chemo anniversary is excellent. I'm very grateful for your continued good health!


I would definitely say that is significant - congratulations and here's to many, many more years of excellent health!!

The wine sale...that's another matter entirely....


Sorry about the wine. Yes, I think forgetting a chemo anniversary is both significant and a great sign that life is moving on. On to many more - but with wine ;-)


A good forget does a body good! However, a day without wine....

I am thrilled at this momentous anniversary! XO


Very significant and a wonderful step into a new era. I forgot my anniversary last year, too. Too bad about the wine sale, however.


Definitely significant! I am so glad to hear that you have been cancer free for such a long time.


That is a significant pair of forgets. One represents a lovely sense of presence, obviously knowing the relevance of the 4th but not needing to acknowledge it because life has a new meaning. Congratulations on 8 years of health! The wine forget's hoping the stock has not run too low 😊


I was going to say something like Geri did, but she has expressed it so much more eloquently than I could. So here's to continuing good health and plenty of wine!


MORE WINE!! (Darn, hopefully there'll be another sale opportunity soon.)
And a toast! Congrats to you! I think it says a lot that you forgot that anniversary... movin' on!
(I remember the date of my quit, because it's an important date for other reasons, but these days I have to really think about how many years it's been...)


Congratulations, Kym! That's marvellous news- you are certainly living life to the fullest so no surprise the anniversary wasn't at the forefront of your mind. Life's short, buy more (full price) wine. Oops I typed 'yarn' instead of wine the first time. Priorities!


I think it's wonderful that you forgot that anniversary. Congratulations! (sorry, though, about missing the sale, but you're certainly worth the full-price bottles!)


Congrats and yes that means you are off living your life and forgetting it is a good thing I think. Well except for the wine. :-)


Congratulations on your 8-year milestone. This is the new normal.

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