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Sign of the Times

I have to admit . . . when I first saw the Pussyhat pattern I thought . . . No.Way.  

But it didn't take long for me to, well . . . see the charm!  I jumped right on the Pussyhat bandwagon and churched out 6 hats in a little over a week before the Women's March on January 21.


I love that KNITTERS have created this incredible symbol of feminism, freedom, and resistance.  I get goosebumps whenever I see the ever-farther-reaching impact of the Pussyhat Project.  

I gasped out loud last week when I heard about Missoni using Pussyhats (and super awesome Pussyhats, at that!) on their runway models at their Milan Fashion Week show.  (They also provided Pussyhats for all in attendance at the show to wear.)


A knitter on Ravelry has already duplicated the cool Missoni hats (pattern here), so now you can make your own version of the Catwalk Pussyhat.

I mean, really.  How cool is that?


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I didn't make one because I thought it was a one-time use knit but now I see the error of my ways.


I haven't made one yet but love the Missoni version! When I first saw the press release about the Milan Fashion week hats I felt proud to be a knitter!


I made one for my niece who wore it at the march in Washington. She told me that aunts of two of her friends made pussyhats and they called them their "auntie pussyhats". I felt like a small part of me was right there with her!


I saw that as well and squealed with joy! And, when I saw Kate Atherley's IG post, I was stunned: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ5eGIIgbbA/

In the V&A... oh my! XO


I do hate the name of the hat - but love that Missoni incorporated it into their show and their version is gorgeous!!


I didn't knit any until after the March, but when it was on the cover of Time and I got requests, I made a few for friends and kept one for myself. It's been interesting wearing it out and about; I've gotten mainly positive comments along with a few vehemently negative ones. I like wearing it as it voices my stand without saying a word.


I made two and was so happy to have them go to Washington. The cover of Time and The New Yorker (I think...) really blew me away. I only wish I'd made one for Dan's GF to wear to the march in Asheville!


The pussyhat movement is like a wildfire! Pink yarn was impossible to get a couple of weeks ago. The Missoni version is stunning.


Missoni really took the hat to a whole new level! How fun! There is no pink yarn available in Utah (BTW).


I am always proud to be a knitter, but the Pussy Hat has taken knitting to a whole new place! and thank you for the Missoni link - I hadn't seen that pattern...


I will check the Missoni link...I'm not a "real" knitter - I dabble and maybe after I finish a zillion other projects...I wore one - manufactured - to the March here in DC---it may become too warm to wear until next fall, but it holds a prominent place in my room.
Thx and Cheers~

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