A Date With . . . SCIENCE
Sign of the Times

Right Now . . . February 2017

Well.  February certainly zipped right by, didn't it?


Freakishly warm weather.  Lots of letter-writing.  Hardly any knitting.  Maybe too much chocolate.  
Ah . . . February!

Here's what's going on for me . . . RIGHT NOW.

Reading -- In the ears, I have Richard Russo's Everybody's Fool (just as delightful as Nobody's Fool, in case you're wondering).  In words, I'm reading E.B. White's One Man's Meats.  I'm also re-reading The Nightingale for my book group (I originally read it last August).

Knitting -- Well.  Actually.  NOT knitting.  I started out knitting a pair of these socks for Erin (with some modifications to make them more "standard" socks, plus cuff-down).  Anyway.  I HATE the yarn I chose.  Hate.  It's lovely yarn . . . but not for socks.  (Too much silk.)  So I got frustrated and decided to let them go.  I may try again someday -- with other yarn.  THEN . . . when the weather suddenly warmed, I lost the desire to knit winter-ish things altogether and just sort of went into a knitting tailspin.  Maybe . . . this next?  Thinking about it, and looking for my knitting mojo.


Watching -- The Oscars.  (And, wow.  That was quite the clusterf^*k there at the end, non?)

Having Way Too Much Fun With -- My new Lipsense lip color.  Not kidding . . . this stuff is incredible!  It looks great, lasts all day (even after swimming), and Tom doesn't mind it at all (so BONUS).  (Want some?  Ask Carole.)


Delighted by -- My watercolor class.  Not because of my "skill" (although I'm definitely making progress) (some days, at least), but because it is a wonderful creative outlet for me right now; something I'm really needing these days.  And my class is full of the most encouraging, supportive people I could ever paint with.  Cheerleaders and gentle critics, all!

Gold Star To Me -- For regularly making calls to my representatives.  As an introvert who hates talking on the phone, this is WAY out of my comfort zone.  (WAY.)  But . . . I'm doing it!  And you can, too!  (It gets easier . . . once you've made a few.)  (Really.  It does.)


Looking Forward To -- Consistent spring weather!  Now that I've had a taste of spring, I'm all the more impatient for "real" spring, (as opposed to "freak" spring) to show up.  (Because running outside - even though painful - is so much better than running inside.)

Doing Something -- In January, I was certified as an adult literacy tutor with the Kalamazoo Literacy Council.  This month, I started working with my first "learner."  I cannot express how wonderful it feels to be  . . . doing something . . . to help someone take a huge step forward.

How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . Right Now?