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Right Now . . . February 2017

Well.  February certainly zipped right by, didn't it?


Freakishly warm weather.  Lots of letter-writing.  Hardly any knitting.  Maybe too much chocolate.  
Ah . . . February!

Here's what's going on for me . . . RIGHT NOW.

Reading -- In the ears, I have Richard Russo's Everybody's Fool (just as delightful as Nobody's Fool, in case you're wondering).  In words, I'm reading E.B. White's One Man's Meats.  I'm also re-reading The Nightingale for my book group (I originally read it last August).

Knitting -- Well.  Actually.  NOT knitting.  I started out knitting a pair of these socks for Erin (with some modifications to make them more "standard" socks, plus cuff-down).  Anyway.  I HATE the yarn I chose.  Hate.  It's lovely yarn . . . but not for socks.  (Too much silk.)  So I got frustrated and decided to let them go.  I may try again someday -- with other yarn.  THEN . . . when the weather suddenly warmed, I lost the desire to knit winter-ish things altogether and just sort of went into a knitting tailspin.  Maybe . . . this next?  Thinking about it, and looking for my knitting mojo.


Watching -- The Oscars.  (And, wow.  That was quite the clusterf^*k there at the end, non?)

Having Way Too Much Fun With -- My new Lipsense lip color.  Not kidding . . . this stuff is incredible!  It looks great, lasts all day (even after swimming), and Tom doesn't mind it at all (so BONUS).  (Want some?  Ask Carole.)


Delighted by -- My watercolor class.  Not because of my "skill" (although I'm definitely making progress) (some days, at least), but because it is a wonderful creative outlet for me right now; something I'm really needing these days.  And my class is full of the most encouraging, supportive people I could ever paint with.  Cheerleaders and gentle critics, all!

Gold Star To Me -- For regularly making calls to my representatives.  As an introvert who hates talking on the phone, this is WAY out of my comfort zone.  (WAY.)  But . . . I'm doing it!  And you can, too!  (It gets easier . . . once you've made a few.)  (Really.  It does.)


Looking Forward To -- Consistent spring weather!  Now that I've had a taste of spring, I'm all the more impatient for "real" spring, (as opposed to "freak" spring) to show up.  (Because running outside - even though painful - is so much better than running inside.)

Doing Something -- In January, I was certified as an adult literacy tutor with the Kalamazoo Literacy Council.  This month, I started working with my first "learner."  I cannot express how wonderful it feels to be  . . . doing something . . . to help someone take a huge step forward.

How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . Right Now?





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I am with you on the Lipsense! That stuff is a wonder! Really! And, that water color! It is even more wonderful!!

P.S. My knitting mojo seems to have derailed also...


Your watercolor painting is beautiful!


Loads of good stuff in February, but I truly LOVE your watercolor! You've really captured the bird and water well, and the shadow/reflection is just wonderful. Your knitting mojo may have taken a back seat, but your watercolor mojo is there in full force!


Your painting is specatacular! I'm deadline knitting a baby sweater and DO NOT like the way the sleeves look but have been told I'm being critical so I may go with that. And...starting a photography class March 6th...very excited!


You are one busy lady!

I just love seeing your pups ... please give each of them a kiss from me. xo


Thanks for the updates on making those phone calls. I got spooked when Cory Gardner asserted that those calling were not constituents, just paid groups. Gotta get my political agenda going!


Thank you for the LipSense love! And your watercolor is fabulous. I have made a few phone calls and spoken to actual people and that has been pretty great. I appreciate the shove in that direction that you have given me. Also, yeah, that Oscar ending was quite the cluster-efff.


So sad that Moonlight's moment was such a mess. I loved that film and hope more people will see it. Your skills with watercolor are better than you think. I've bought paints and I'm takingan on-line classe (for now). Maybe someday there will be more time to dedicate to it. The top you're thinking about would look so great on you, and it would be perfect for warmer weather.
I'm buying LipSense from the friend who originally sold it to Carole. Even I can wear it with no ill effects. Love it.


I am mildly intrigued by Lipsense because EVERYONE loves it and looks great, but I don't know... I can count on one hand the times I've worn lipstick in my entire life! I don't think it's the lipstick, ya know? ;)

Your watercolor is great, Kym! I'm glad you're sticking with it, too.

The UPS man was giddy this morning about predicted 50s this weekend! And I had no need for headlights on the way to work this morning. Spring Is Coming!!

Yeah, that was some Oscars snafu.


Your painting is coming along beautifully, Kym (and as much as I'd love to see you knitting again, if I had any other talents, I'm sure I'd be taking a break, too!) I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying Everybody's Fool, too - the reviews I read after reading and loving Nobody's Fool last summer gave me pause...


Your watercolor painting is so wonderful - love it. And those socks you didn't knit - love them too. I'm thinking of making them for my son's girlfriend. E. B. White's One Man's Meat is one of my favorite books. I'm tempted with the LipSense, but I don't really wear lipstick that much...and it is pricey!!!


Add my vote to the watercolor painting...iit's quite lovely! And thanks for being an adult literacy volunteer...it will be a very rewarding experience for you!



Good for you as a literacy volunteer! And making those calls. As another introvert who hates talking on the phone, I empathize -- and have been making some calls myself.

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